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Are Greasy Foods the Cure for a Hangover?

By January 22, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
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If you have ever drank alcohol before or spent an entire night out drinking, you know the excruciating experience of a hangover. Your head throbs painfully, your joints feel like they are made of heavy metal and your legs feel like spaghetti. Most people who experience hangovers desperately ask for a quick fix that will eradicate the hangover in a matter of minutes.

Greasy Foods for a Hangover

There are great and sufficient ways to quickly heal a hangover such as visiting Hangover Hospital but that is an issue for another day. The common recommendations are taking water and energy drinks to replace your lost electrolytes.

However, there is another recommendation that almost everyone gives which is greasy food, but are greasy foods the cure for a hangover? Hydration is without a doubt a great way to help with your hangover but the ubiquitously accepted notion that greasy foods can help cure a hangover is at best unsubstantiated.

Does greasy food cure a hangover? The large breakfast orders in diners near bars on weekend mornings would suggest so but this is more of a myth and less of a scientific fact. In fact, it could make it worse. The best decision you can make to reduce a hangover as far as greasy food is concerned is to eat before you start drinking. Fatty foods like;

  • bacon
  • sausages
  • eggs

These and other fatty foods should be eaten several hours before you go out and start downing beer bottles like there is no tomorrow.

It’s all About the Timing

Does greasy food cure a hangover? If you eat greasy food before you go out to drink, the fat contained in the food will cover your stomach lining and limit the amount of alcohol that is absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, you can drink as much as others without getting as drunk. You will also not wake up with a hangover that feels as if you were hit in the head with a baseball bat.

The popular assumption that greasy food does cure a hangover is all in the mind. If your hangover is accompanied by an upset stomach you will do yourself more harm by eating greasy foods the morning after. You would be better suited to call Hangover Hospital and request their services.

The actual reason why most people eat greasy foods the morning they wake up with a hangover is because alcohol promotes the release of a neurochemical known as Galanin which is responsible for the craving of fatty foods. Galanin causes the craving for such foods when drinking and even when you wake up after a night or day of drinking.

The discomfort of a hangover is one of the reasons why most people seek comfort in consuming greasy foods. However, since they will most likely drink liquids such as tea, coffee, juice, and water with fatty breakfast, it is not entirely pointless. The elevation in mood after a large greasy brunch on Sunday morning could also help with your hangover.

Contact the Experts

However, you would be best suited to try alternative hangover cures such as those which Hangover Hospital offers which are not only fast but are also effective. Our 45-minute hangover IV’s will get you back to feeling yourself after the night out. Contact us today to learn more. We can also come to you so call 305-912-4911 now.

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