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The Best Breakfast for a Hangover

By February 25, 2019Hangover Facts
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No matter who you ask, everyone has a different favorite breakfast for a hangover. Whether it’s scrambled eggs and bacon or one of those shakes made out of kale, we’ve heard just about everything. We can tell you, however, there is some science behind it all and not all hangover breakfasts are made equally. If you’re looking for a hangover cure in Key West, the Hangover Hospital has just what you need: A proven effective technique to get rid of your hangover in 45 minutes.

Hangover Science

Hangovers represent an understudied constellation of symptoms that are caused by the effects of excessive alcohol drinking. A good majority of these symptoms are directly related to dehydration. Others are caused by the chemical effects of alcohol and the body’s response to being drunk.

Much like canker sores, hangovers go away on their own and don’t represent a serious health threat to the individual. For that reason, there hasn’t been much funding for hangover-related research. As a consequence, many of the cures that you’ll find are folk remedies. But is there science behind them?

Definitely! Certain breakfasts do help with hangovers and these can be a decent way to set yourself up for the rest of the day. The facts surrounding this are fairly simple. Firstly, drinking sufficient water should get rid of the effects of the dehydration and getting just about anything in your stomach will be better than leaving it empty.

What Doesn’t Work for a Hangover

More Booze

More booze may give you immediate relief from some of the hangover symptoms, but hair of the dog only kicks the can down the road leaving you in for an even nastier surprise later.

A Fat Greasy Burger and Fries

No matter how highly recommended a greasy breakfast is, it simply won’t help with your hangover. While having food in your stomach is always good to combat nausea, but large fatty meals can also aggravate your stomach. On the other hand, a big greasy meal before drinking can help prevent a hangover.

Acidic Drinks or Food

Highly acidic food or drinks can also do more to irritate your stomach than to settle it. Orange juice, which some believe is an ideal hangover cure in Key West, actually isn’t.Hangover Breakfast | Hangover Hospital Key West While it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals your body needs, it’s also highly acidic meaning that your already sensitive stomach can become even more upset.

What Works for a Hangover

One thing that folk remedies got right was eggs. Eggs are full of protein and amino acids that will help your body restore itself to its former glory. Eggs also have taurine and cysteine, which are both helpful amino acids. Cysteine will help break down acetaldehyde which is produced after your liver has broken down ethanol. Chicken also contains cysteine making chicken noodle soup a top choice for both body and soul.

In addition, foods containing potassium are also good for hangovers, such as

  • Bananas,
  • Leafy greens, and
  • Yogurt

Since alcohol is a diuretic, your body’s potassium is depleted due to frequent trips to the bathroom.

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