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Best Medicine To Stop Drinking Alcohol

By August 10, 2021Drinking Facts
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Alcohol use disorder is a common affliction affecting many people around the world. There are many ways to treat alcoholism, including using medication. Hangover Hospital Key West will use medication as part of their treatment for hangovers and alcohol use disorder. 

Some of the medications used to treat alcohol use disorder have been used for decades. However, they are not common because many doctors never learned how to use them for treatment in medical school. Moreover, alcoholism treatment medications do not have many commercials on TV; hence many people don’t know about them and how they can help them. 

The best drugs used to treat alcohol use disorder have undergone the necessary vetting and are FDA approved. If they don’t have FDA approval, you should refrain from taking them. The following are some of the best medicines you can take to stop drinking alcohol: 


Disulfiram was the first drug the FDA approved for alcohol use disorder treatment in 1951. Disulfiram has a fascinating effect on the body in response to alcohol consumption. If you consume alcohol while taking the drug, you will feel sick. Therefore, you will stop drinking alcohol as soon as you start feeling nauseated. 

Disulfiram is effective, but people have a hard time taking it consistently and hence never see the results the drug can achieve. Because of the drug’s effects in relation to alcohol consumption, such as headaches, vomiting, and sweating profusely, most people never take the total dosage of the drug. 

On the other hand, if you need to stop gulping alcohol down due to a directive from work or concern from your loved ones, Disulfiram will get you off the bottle quickly. You can have someone keep you accountable with the dosage, or you can take the medication and drink it whenever you feel like drinking alcohol.


Another popular medicine you can use to stop drinking alcohol is Naltrexone. The drug gives you an unpleasant feeling when you get drunk hence making the experience of drinking not worth it. 

Naltrexone will help reduce the hit of dopamine you get whenever you drink. Therefore, it can significantly help reduce your cravings and keep you away from alcohol.

Naltrexone is an alcohol use disorder medication that works best for those who have already stayed a few days without alcohol in their bodies. You can either take Naltrexone as a daily pill or receive monthly injections from your doctor. 


Acamprosate or Campral will make you stop taking alcohol by reducing the withdrawal symptoms you experience when you abstain from the substance. After you quit drinking, symptoms will persist for months like 

  • Nausea, 
  • Insomnia, 
  • Anxiety,
  • Restlessness. 

The drug works by restoring the chemical imbalance in the body that arises once it is no longer receiving alcohol regularly. The drug will eradicate these abnormalities, and you can achieve some stability, making it easier to fall off the wagon. 

You need a high dosage of Acamprosate for it to work. Therefore, you need great discipline to complete the dosage. The three medicines above are some of the best in the industry if you want to quit alcohol. However, they are by no means the only ones. Consult your doctor to find the drug that works best for you.

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