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Can Pizza Cure Your Hangover?

By April 11, 2021Folk Hangover Cure
Hangover Pizza Cure | Hangover Hospital Key West

Almost anyone who has enjoyed alcohol has woken up to an unpleasant experience the following morning. A pounding head, aching joints, and dry mouth are the last thing you want to wake up to after a night with friends or before heading into work. 

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Pizza and hangovers

Wouldn’t it be amazing if pizza could solve all of our problems? Many people believe it can solve at least one: hangovers. While some key details behind the myth may allow you to manage your symptoms, pizza cannot cure your hangover. A pizza may be able to manage your symptoms if you choose your toppings wisely. Your pizza should include: 

  •       Spinach leaves
  •       Cheese
  •       Egg
  •       Cherry tomatoes

While the pizza itself will not cure your hangover, certain foods can manage your symptoms enough for you to be able to carry on with your daily activities. The vitamins and phosphorus in the eggs and mozzarella will create the energy necessary for your body to begin fighting against symptoms during hangovers. Additionally, the tomatoes and pepper will provide your body with vitamin C. Your main goal should be replenishing your body’s energy and reducing fatigue.

What are other tips for managing hangovers?

While some ingredients in a pizza can help manage hangover symptoms, there are other ways to make the morning after a night out more bearable, including:


After consuming alcohol, your body loses a significant amount of fluids through diarrhea and vomiting. After waking up with a hangover, your first objective should be to replenish the fluids you lost. This is best done by drinking water throughout the day. While it may be easier said than done, water is necessary to flush toxins and give you an extra boost of energy.


Sleep helps you recharge and recover, allowing your body time to recuperate what it lost the night before. Some people find it hard to sleep after drinking heavily. 


Taking medication is one of the most common methods employed by individuals who wake up with headaches or other symptoms associated with a hangover. You can take analgesic drugs, or painkillers, to relieve any discomfort, muscle aches, or headaches. Paracetamol-based drugs are the most ideal, but you can take any pain-relieving medication you have.

Intentional eating

This is the most crucial tip to relieve a hangover. It is essential to understand what foods are suitable to eat during a hangover. Sugar, for example, can be an excellent remedy to boost your body’s energy and replenish minerals and vitamins. This is the same for coffee. You should also increase your intake of fresh fruits, juice, and coconut water, as they have a mix of sugars and electrolytes.

Need a quick hangover cure?

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