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Can You Experience Hangover Sickness All Day?

By July 24, 2021Hangover Facts

If you had too much to drink the previous night, you are likely to have a debilitating hangover that just won’t let up. Hangover symptoms usually disappear after 24 hours, but this can seem like forever when you have a pounding headache, are nauseous, and can’t get out of bed. 

Some hangover symptoms will even worsen with duration and severity, leading to the question: Can you have hangover sickness all day? Below, we look at the factors that affect the duration of a hangover and why you should contact the Hangover Hospital Key West for hangover relief.

Factors That Affect the Length of a Hangover

Some of the typical hangover symptoms include dry mouth, pounding headaches, and stomach discomfort. The duration of these symptoms is dependent on numerous factors that include:

1.     Dehydration Levels

Usually, due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, you are likely to pee frequently, resulting in dehydration.  Drinking too much alcohol also often causes vomiting. This makes your body have mild dehydration that causes you to have a dry mouth, feel dizzy and tired.

2.     Number of Drinks You Had

According to a 2017 study, it was proven that the amount of alcohol you drink does not significantly influence the duration of your hangover. However, excess drinking of alcohol often results in more severe hangover symptoms and usually lasts longer.

3.     Quality of Sleep

There is solid evidence that alcohol tends to affect your sleep negatively. Even if it may help you fall asleep quicker, the sleep is more likely to be short and fragmented. Moreover, the less sleep you get after heavy alcohol drinking, the more severe your hangovers will be.

4.     Health Conditions

Medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney, and liver disease do not only affect the way your body breaks down alcohol but also affect the duration and severity of your hangover symptoms.

5.     Medications

Some common medications, such as allergy medications and antidepressants, often determine your body’s ability to process alcohol. As a result, your hangover symptoms are likely to last for more extended periods when you are on these prescriptions. You are more likely to feel nauseated after heavy alcohol drinking.

6.     Age

Naturally, as you get older, your body’s ability to metabolize toxins slows down. As a result, you may discover that even drinking less alcohol can cause you severe hangover symptoms that last longer than those of a younger person.

Hangover Relief Tips

While it is almost a given that your hangover symptoms will last, there are several things you can practice to make them more manageable. For example, make sure you:

  • Stay hydrated — Remember to sip on some water or juice, especially after drinking large volumes of alcohol.
  • Get some sleep — It is vital to get a good rest, especially after a night of heavy drinking.
  • Eat something — Eating helps restore your body’s depleted electrolytes and settle an upset stomach.
  • Take a pain reliever — It is advisable to ingest an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever for your hangovers. However, avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen that can irritate your stomach.


The most effective way of dealing with your hangovers is to drink in moderation. However, if you still wake up with a hangover, you don’t have to deal with hangover sickness all day. At the Hangover Hospital, we offer IV hangover solutions consisting of vitamins and minerals that help your body fight the negative aftereffects of overindulgence. Contact us today at (305) 912-4911 for fast hangover relief.

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