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Where Did “Get Slizzard” Come From?

There are a lot of slang terms associated with our culture of drinking, getting drunk, and even getting hungover. It makes sense why, too. Drinking is a deeply-rooted tradition across the world that goes back centuries of civilization. The most interesting thing, however, is that we somehow keep adding new words for it throughout time.

  • This article discusses one of the more recent terms that has come into the English language in relation to putting a little too much barley brew in your belly: getting slizzard.

What Does “Slizzard” Mean?

Where Did “Get Slizzard” Come From? | Hangover Hospital Key WestThere are a couple of definitions for the word “slizzard”. Slizzard usually just means getting really drunk, though there is not a clear consensus on how drunk you have to be to be considered slizzard. One Urban Dictionary entry eloquently delineated the intoxication level of slizzard as “so drunk that you really do think you are a lizzard”. So if you have reached that level after a night of partying, congratulations – you may just be slizzard.

How Did “Slizzard” Start?

Slizzard is definitely a more modern term, but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when we started using it as the term for “drunk”. To give a brief history, slizzard came into the English language likely in the 1990s in Dirth South culture. However, according to the Hiphoptionary, slizzard didn’t refer to alcohol at all. Someone who was slizzard was a “skeez”, or in other words, a mean girl.

Where Did “Get Slizzard” Come From? | Hangover Hospital Key WestThis derogatory word for females eventually evolved into the meaning we know it as today: being intoxicated. It is the only speculation how it happened, though. By 2005, Boyz N Da Hood recorded a parental advisory song called “Still Slizzard” where they used the term to refer to their drunken state the night before. Slizzard most likely took on the definition of “drunk “ because the term was applied to girls who became mean after drinking, and the term was then used across the board for anyone who was mean drunk. Now it just means drunk. This is a working theory among some, so its accuracy may be in question, but it is the closest we have to how slizzard evolved into what we know it as today.

Slizzard was made even more mainstream about 7 years ago when the song Like a G6 came out, wherein they referenced the word slizzard after drinking sizzurp, another slang word meaning prescription-grade cough syrup. The “cough-syrup” in the song was of course in reference to alcohol, and the singer states they got slizzard on the stuff.

  • After this song, many more people began using slizzard as a more mainstream term for drinking, though, admittedly, it seems to have been losing its popularity in more recent years.

If Your Were So Slizzard You Get Hungover

Where Did “Get Slizzard” Come From? | Hangover Hospital Key WestGetting too slizzard often results in a hangover the following morning. If you find yourself hungover in Key West after a fun night of slizzardification (we made that word up), you don’t have to suffer the rest of the day. Simply call our experts at Hangover Hospital and we will get rid of your hangover in less than an hour. Not only do we have everything you need to be rehydrated and restored to full health, but we also come straight to you. Don’t let being slizzard last night ruin your day today.