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How Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure Works

By December 24, 2019Folk Hangover Cure
How to Cure a Hangover Before It Happens

Prairie oyster is a classic hangover cure. It is also known as a prairie cocktail. The beverage consists of raw egg, table salt, hot sauce, ground pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Tomato juice may also be added to the mixture. It is quickly swallowed to relieve a hangover. When making a prairie oyster hangover cure, the egg is broken into a glass. The goal is to avoid breaking the yolk. 

Preparing Prairie Oyster


1 raw egg yolk

½ teaspoon vinegar

¼ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 

A dash of hot sauce

A pinch of table salt


  1.     Crack your egg in a glass and drop the yolk in
  2.     Add the other ingredients 

Where did the Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure come from?

Prairie oyster hangover cure is said to have been invented by a plainsman of the Wild West. It was made for a sick comrade who thought he could only shake off his fever with an oyster. 

The original was just a mixture of eggs and other ingredients such as ground pepper and salt for improved flavors. Since then, people have used different ingredients to achieve different tastes. Some may add cayenne pepper or old rye whiskey even though connoisseurs do not approve it. 

If you add alcohol to your prairie oyster, it is known as an amber moon. Most people use vodka rather than whiskey when making an amber moon. However, research suggests that alcohol does not treat a hangover. It may only dull the senses. 

How Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure Works

There are good reasons why eggs are considered the superfood of treating hangovers. They have a high concentration of amino acids and cysteine which helps to break down acetaldehyde. It is the byproduct of alcohol that causes hangover symptoms. Egg yolk is the main ingredient for making prairie oyster hangover cure. The benefits of eggs in treating hangovers are backed by science. You should, however, note that egg yolk can be potentially toxic if used incorrectly. 

Not all headaches may be a sign of a hangover. Sometimes, you may get a headache from the chemicals in your alcohol. You may get a headache even if you don’t drink enough to get a hangover. You may also experience a headache when our blood alcohol level is dropping. In addition to a headache, a hangover comes with other symptoms such as:

  • shaking
  • nausea
  • increased heartbeat
  • sweating

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