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Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure

By March 15, 2020Uncategorized
Prairie Oyster Hangover Cure

Prairie oyster is an ancient beverage that consists of raw egg yolk, ground pepper, table salt, hot sauce or vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. The mixture is quickly swallowed, and the texture of the drink feels similar to that of an oyster because of the unbroken egg yolk.

The prairie oyster hangover treatment has been referred to as a traditional hangover treatment method and has appeared in the mainstream media for years. However, if you need a quick hangover recovery, the Hangover Hospital provides a more effective hangover treatment that relieves hangover symptoms quickly — IV drip hangover treatment.

Effectiveness of Prairie Oyster as a Hangover Cure

Theories, why prairie oysters should relieve hangover symptoms, include:

  • Eggs contain an amino acid known as Cysteine that can assist your body in breaking down alcohol.
  • The Capsaicin in the hot sauce acts as a pain reliever
  • Severe dehydration causes nausea, but the salt contained in prairie oysters assists your body in retaining water.
  • Alcohol tends to break down body proteins, causing muscle and headaches, so an egg yolk is a fast and quick digestible protein dose.

Headache experts say the prairie oyster does not remedy a hangover, although it might inspire some individuals to prevent one. Thinking about it can make you not want to drink. You would prefer a non-alcoholic drink for the night if you have to drink a prairie oyster later.

IV Drips for Hangovers

Exercise Cure HangoverIV hydration drips are increasingly becoming the trend to eliminate hangover symptoms. Whether Hangover Hospital clients receive treatment in the clinic or at home, a lot of individuals rely on its ability to restore their normal feeling after consuming a lot of alcohol.

Most of our clients report feeling better after receiving IV hydration after a heavy intake of alcohol. While there are no studies that prove the effectiveness of intravenous drips, most healthcare professionals agree that these treatments are effective in remedying hangovers.

IV drips deliver nutrients and water directly into your bloodstream, which results in 100% absorption. That bypasses the digestion process and liver metabolisms, which delay the delivery of the fluid into the blood.

The hydration fluid can be delivered fast or slowly into the bloodstream, depending on how dehydrated you are.

Advantages of IV hangover drips over prairie oyster hangover cure

  • A medical professional provides IV hydration: The procedure is conducted by a health care provider, making it safe and reducing the risk of complications.
  • Tailored to personal needs: Although IV fluids contain various vital components, the drips are available in different compositions to meet different nutrient and hydration needs. So, you can get a drip that meets your specific health needs.
  • At-home use: Hangover hospital provides mobile hydration clinics to meet you where you live.
  • Quick-relief: IV hydration bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, getting directly into your bloodstream to correct electrolyte and fluid disorders. That offers relief of symptoms quickly.

IV drips might not be the best cure for hangovers, but the drips replace nutrients and fluids you lose after binge drinking, relieving most hangover symptoms significantly. However, you should be cautious with the utilization of these fluids.

It is crucial to leave a health care professional to administer the treatment to you to avoid complications. Contact our treatment specialist to schedule an appointment and have your hangover symptoms relieved.

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