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Supplements to Prevent Hangover

By October 16, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
Supplements to Prevent Hangover

Nights out are always fun, but the mornings after are not usually that friendly. People have devised several ways to cope with the severe headaches, nausea, and dry mouth that attack after a wild night. Sadly, most of the ways that have been devised do not work so well after the hangover has hit. To help patients with adverse symptoms, Hangover Hospital has come up with several treatment options that work.

Apart from the IV formulas that hangover hospital has improvised, companies have manufactured supplements to prevent a hangover. However, there exist natural remedies that have the same effect on Hangovers. Here are some of the common ones:

      Supplements to Prevent Hangover 1. NAC

N-acetylcysteine is commonly known as NAC and has been recognized as an excellent hangover cure. The drug works by making your body produce more chemicals that combat the remaining alcohol in a person’s body. Since the supplement is made to prevent a hangover, it should be taken roughly 30 minutes before someone starts drinking. Taking the drug after you have already had a few drinks could make your hangover even worse. Therefore, ensure you allow the drug adequate time to insulate your body before you start drinking.

       2. Vitamin B

Statistics have shown that your levels of vitamin B can significantly affect the severity of your hangover. Most supplements that people take to cure a hangover in the morning are loaded with vitamin B. Although you can take Vitamin B capsules the morning after, taking them before you start drinking will have a much better result. If your body is charged with vitamin B, you will only experience a mild hangover the morning after.

      Supplements to Prevent Hangover 3. Water

As basic as it sounds, staying hydrated is vital. With water, there are no restrictions. You can take water before, after, or even while you are enjoying alcoholic beverages. The more hydrated a person is, the easier it will be for their liver to break down the alcohol toxins. Therefore, by the time they wake up, most of the toxins will have been broken down, and hence the hangover will not be as bad. Consuming electron-rich fluids like coconut water or Gatorade also increases the electrolytes in the body and hence reduces the severity of the hangover.

       4. Dihydromyricetin

Dihydromyricetin is a drug that can be used to lower the effects of a hangover and, at the same time, reduce the levels of intoxication. It is beneficial to both the liver and brain. The capsules can be consumed:

  • Before.
  • After.
  • Or during alcohol consumption.

Supplements to Prevent HangoverIn conclusion, there are many supplements to prevent hangovers that you can apply before or after you have started drinking. Hangover KW has a variety of choices that people can pick from to prevent a Hangover. Since hangovers can mess up your day during your vacation or after a party, it is advisable that people take care of their health and prevent the hangovers if they can. By preventing a hangover, you will be saving yourself from the anxiety that also kicks in a few hours after the high has died down.

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