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Tips for Traveling With Alcohol

By September 16, 2021Drinking Facts

Traveling with alcohol often confuses many people. It comes with many rules and regulations which most travelers do not understand, especially when traveling by flight. Different airlines and countries have limits on the alcohol content and quantity you can bring, and failing to understand this can leave you frustrated during your travels.

If you already know the different regulations, you can comfortably pack alcohol for your travel whether you bring a checked bag or carry-on baggage. You need to ensure that your liquor is packed for transport before adding it to your luggage so it does not break during transit.

Make Sure You Meet the Legal Drinking Age requirements

In many places, you cannot bring alcohol on a flight, whether you do it in a checked bag or carry-on baggage. However, those that allow you to carry alcohol while traveling require you to meet the legal drinking age requirements.

In the United States, you must be 21 years or older to drink alcohol. If you are traveling to a different country, make sure you research the legal drinking age before bringing alcohol. Also, enquire with the airline to find out how old you should be before you can pack alcohol in your luggage.

Bring Some Hangover Medication

We all hate the feeling of waking up the following day feeling of waking up with a hangover and exhausted after a few drinks. Hangovers make it hard to get through a normal day due to:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems

To avoid this, you can make some early arrangements by bringing some medications or a hangover kit.

Pack Correctly

You do not want to start unpacking when you reach your destination only to find a suitcase full of chards of glass and alcohol-soaked garments. Before you bring alcohol, make sure you consider the kind of luggage you will carry and the handling it will go through. If you take it in a checked bag, chances are it will not be handled with care, so chances of breaking increase.

You can pad the bottles by wrapping them in a newspaper, clothing, or bubble wrap. This can help protect them from impact, which can cause the bottles to break. Additionally, you should wrap the bottles in plastic bags and seal them. If they break, the plastic bags will prevent the alcohol from soaking other items in the bag.

Check the Regulations

In most cases, you will have to carry alcohol in an unopened bottle and its original container when traveling on some airlines or to some countries. Some guidelines about alcohol content limits may also apply depending on where you are traveling to. Your airline can provide you with the specific regulations you should meet depending on your destination.

Traveling with alcohol makes it a lot more challenging to plan your trip. However, a little research can help you prepare for a successful journey. Make sure you meet the legal age requirements in your destination. Also, bring some hangover medications and pack the alcohol well, so it does not break.

Additionally, make sure you check the regulations in your destination. If you suffer from hangovers after a night of heavy drinking, contact Hangover Hospital Key West for quick and easy hangover relief.

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