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Tums and Alcohol

By February 6, 2021Folk Hangover Cure

No one likes it when their tummy is upset. Now, imagine a scenario where you are throwing up uncontrollably, and on top of that, you have a severe migraine. The situation feels unbearable, and the discomfort is out of this world. You are nauseous, tired, and fatigued, and painkillers give you some relief but not entirely. What you are experiencing is a hangover, which is characterized by dehydration due to drinking too much alcohol. The situation is much worse if you are taking tums for heartburn and you happen to take alcohol. Alcoholic beverages increase gastric secretions hence making your heartburn worse. When you experience such symptoms, contact the Hangover Hospital Keywest, which offers relief from hangovers.

The relief comes in three packages: a Stat Package, Code Blue Package, and a Lazarus Package. The packages differ in severity with the Stat package for the least severe symptoms and the Lazarus for the most severe. The Hangover Hospital looks at the state of the patient to determine what level of relief they need. The most important relief for hangovers is hydration. It would help if you kept in mind that the hospital brings relief to you, so you don’t have to move. Other services include migraine relief, sunburn recovery, and athletic recovery, among others.

Common aspects between hangovers and side effects of tums

  •         Increased urination

Alcohol makes the kidneys release more water, making you dehydrated. Alcohol content stimulates the bladder giving you a quick urge to urinate.

  •         Dry mouth/thirst

Due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol, one always feels thirsty while tums give a dry mouth hence the need for hydration.

  •         Vomiting

One always feels nauseous after taking tums while one will vomit in the event of a hangover.


Some of the characteristics of a hangover mirror some side effects of tums. Most people who experience a hangover feel thirsty, while tums give a person a dry mouth. When you take alcohol, you frequently urinate, leading to dehydration. The first thing that one should take is water to battle thirst and dry mouth, replacing water lost when urinating and vomiting.

Interaction between tums and alcohol

Drinking alcohol while taking tums is safe and generally acceptable. It is important to note that alcohol will aggravate the symptoms of heartburn and gastric secretions. If that is the case, you should try and avoid mixing the two if your tummy cannot handle it. Sometimes heartburn can be severe to the point of sleeplessness hence reducing the quality of life.

If possible, you can try other methods of dealing with heartburn than medication, such as; avoiding cigarettes, avoiding lying down immediately after eating or trying chewing gum.

At Hangover Hospital Keywest, the specialists will help you deal with your hangover symptoms as they take you on a recovery path. The key is to restore your body fluids through the use of hydration and electrolytes, among others. Please give the hospital a call if you are experiencing a hangover, and they will show up at your doorstep or hotel room and attend to you.