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Wet Socks Hangover Cure

By July 29, 2020Uncategorized
Wet Socks Hangover Cure

Everyone has their own theory regarding hangover solutions. However, some tend to work while others just worsen the situation. One common cure is the Wet Socks Hangover Cure, and has been associated with many health benefits from curing a common cold to hangovers. The wet socks technique is used to cure hangovers. To understand how it works, you first have to understand how alcohol operates in your body.

Wet Socks Hangover CureAlcohol causes severe dehydration by making your kidney flush out excessive water. Excessive alcohol intake also tends to cause massive headaches, migraines, and hinders one from getting adequate sleep or reaching REM sleep. At Hangover Hospital, we have centered our attention on helping you out in dealing with your hangover. We help in addressing your current situation and return you to complete sobriety, your nightlife should not affect how you operate the next day.

The wet socks technique doesn’t possess any scientific basis or support, but many individuals swear that it does work miracles. 

Wet Socks Hangover CureWhat to Do:

  • First, soak your feet in warm water. Do this is until they start turning pink.
  • Second, soak a pair of cotton socks in cold water.
  • Third, take your feet out, then dry them off and put the wet cotton socks on.
  • On top of the wet socks put on a pair of dry cotton socks.
  • Get into bed, cover your feet, and go to sleep.

We at Hangover Hospital have diversified our services to include more than just hangover help. These services include:

  • Sunburn Relief.
  • Flu Relief.
  • Athletic Performance.
  • High Dose Vitamin C.
  • Migraine Relief.
  • Meyers Cocktail.

Wet Socks Hangover CureThese services ensure that the party doesn’t stop. Our specialists are medically licensed and insured to ensure that your hangover cure doesn’t take more than 45 minutes. Our solution options come in 3 separate packages:

The Stat Package

It deals with mild overindulgence.

The Code Blue Package

It deals with moderate to severe overindulgence.

Lazarus Package

It revives you from your deathbed in under 45 minutes.

Our packages have been tried and tested to ensure that you return to normalcy in the shortest time possible. Our services include some of the best methodologies which will not only sober you up but will also grant you an energy boost. The essentials found in our packages include:

  • Oxygen Therapy 30 minutes.
  • B12 Shot.
  • Super B Vitamins Complex Booster.
  • B12+ Super B Vitamin Complex Booster.

Wet Socks Hangover CureWhy Trust Hangover Hospital

We boast of being the first hospital in Key West, Florida, that is solely focused on dealing with the treatment of hangovers. Our treatment options are known to be fast and, at the same time, effective in dealing with a hangover case. We have our clinic at Key West, where you can come and seek our services, or we can come to where you are. We don’t want to make your situation any worse. Call us and let us come to where you are. Book an appointment today and let us be of help to you.

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