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What to Do When You Wake Up Drunk

By February 1, 2021Hangover Facts
Wet Socks Hangover Cure

Have you just woken up, and your head hurts, you feel dizzy, and some nausea hits you? Is that hangover taking the joy out of the morning? It’s time to seek some help from Hangover Hospital in Florida. Michael McGrath MD is a physician at Hangover Hospital who provides a cure for hangovers. Specialists at Hangover Hospital offer a 45 minute IV hangover relief that restores and boosts the body’s energy. Below is a solution for what to do when you wake up drunk.

How Hangover Hospital Functions

To receive a remedy for your hangover and get back to your routine, Hangover Hospital has designed a process to help you out. This 3-step process includes;

  •       Make the call and inform the paramedics of your location or call and reserve an appointment for when you would like to receive the treatment.
  •       Stay where you are, and the services will come to you no matter where you are.
  •       Put your feet up and unwind as the doctors give you the IV solution.

Services Provided at Hangover Hospital

Other than providing a remedy for hangovers, Michael McGrath, MD, offers different types of health services. These services include; relief from too much tanning, recovery from trade shows, cold comfort, sports performance and recovery, a cure for migraines, vitamin C dosage, and Myers’ cocktail. Individual treatments are available such as oxygen therapy, which takes 30 minutes and alleviates headaches. Another is the B12 shot that increases energy by helping the body breakdown the alcohol. There is also an injection of 5 vitamins that enhances the body’s metabolic rate and provides energy. The B12+ super B vitamin complex booster ensures you get your utmost vitamin B gain.

How the Hangover Solution works

To cure a hangover, medics deliver an IV infused with antioxidants and hydration treatment. This form of therapy assists as it contains vitamins and minerals that help the body fight the alcohol effects. The hospital’s approach to giving cure involves hydrating saline solution, B12 shot, 5 separate vitamins, Myers’ cocktail, vitamin C dosage, and super vitamin B complex booster. Each ingredient plays a role in curing hangovers.

Treatment Packages Offered by Hangover Hospital

Hangover Hospital offers different packages to help with your hangover treatment. There are custom-made packages like bachelor or bachelorette nights in town, bar crawls, water voyages, fishing adventures, and any event of your choosing. The paramedics also offer 3 debut packages to pick from depending on the amount of alcohol intake. First is the stat package with anti-nausea to relieve vomiting, anti-headache to ease headaches, 1000ml rehydration, and electrolytes. Stat package is ideal for minor alcohol intake.

The second is the code blue package, just like the stat package but has anti-inflammatory IV medications, IV vitamin cocktail, and antioxidants. The code blue package is best for average liquor intake. Lastly is the Lazarus package relieves a hangover for a deathbed situation, which is too much drinking. It is inclusive of glutathione, stomach medicine, oxygen therapy, and super B vitamin complex.

There is no need to have a crappy day because of a hangover. Hangover Hospital has a solution for you.