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What You Need to Know About Red Wine Hangover Cure

By December 24, 2019Folk Hangover Cure
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Did you consume too much red wine last night? Yikes! You’re probably wondering about how to get rid of the dreadful hangover symptoms.

Well, worry no more. Read on to learn what you need to know about a red wine hangover cure.  At Hangover Hospital, we offer a 45-minute relief to help diminish the hangover discomfort quickly. Reach out to us via 305.912.4911. Also, read on below for additional red wine hangover cure options.

Symptoms of a Red Wine Hangover

Red wine hangover symptoms come with less drinking compared to other alcoholic drinks and might be more severe. The symptoms may include:

Migraine headaches: Red wine contains tannins and other compounds that can trigger unpleasant migraines just after a single glass in some people.

Congestion: Some wine drinkers suffer congestion, because of being sensitive to the sulfites used to preserve red wine by some wineries

Stomach issues: Red wine can also cause some people to experience digestive problems like diarrhea, because of its histamine content.

Red Wine Hangover Cure

Like other alcoholic hangovers, a red wine hangover has no cure. The best thing you can do is try to lessen the after-effects by taking the following measures.  

1.      Drink Plenty of Water

Alka-Seltzer Hangover CureDrinking water after an evening of taking any type of alcoholic drink is always wise, but it is extra crucial with red wine because wines are high in sugar. As you drink wine, your body may begin to think that it is thirstier, leading you to take more wine.
The first thing you should do after waking up is to drink water. Head over to the kitchen and drink two glasses of water to rehydrate yourself. Continue to take more water at different times of the day for optimal rehydration.

2.      Go for a Walk or Jog

Try to go out and jog for about 10-15 minutes or walk for about 30 minutes in the fresh air. The moderate exercise will improve your blood circulation and move the alcohol-related toxins out.

3.      Take a Cool Shower

Switch off the lights and shower with cool water in the dark. The cooler temperature of the water will make you alert so that you can move on with the day’s activities.

4.      Eat Some Yogurt

If possible, take some yogurt to alleviate your symptoms. Alcohol may create an imbalance in the germs that ensure proper digestion of food (gut microbes). The wine itself has a high content of microbes, but not all of them are helpful in the digestive tract. So, you can consume some yogurt to replenish the good germs in your system.

5.      Eat Some Eggs

Consuming soft-boiled or poached eggs is a good way to curb wine hangover symptoms. Eggs contain cysteine, which helps in breaking down the alcohol-associated toxins in your system.

6.      Take Bananas

Drinking wine causes the body to lose some potassium. Therefore, eating potassium-rich bananas the day after drinking, helps replenish the levels of potassium in the body. Additionally, the fructose in the fruit speeds up the processing of alcohol.

7.      Eat Bland Foods

Consuming bland foods, such as crackers and toast will help to get your blood sugar levels back to normal. You should avoid greasy, fatty foods, because they may irritate the stomach.


Hopefully, this has helped you learn a little more about what you need to know about red wine hangovers. The tips above may help you in overcoming your red wine hangover symptoms. You can also get in touch with the Hangover Hospital for a quick IV relief for your distress.

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