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4 Secrets Daniel Craig Would Spill if He Were Drunk

By November 28, 2018Drunk Celebrity Secrets

Daniel Craig has been in the news recently for his decision to star in his fifth movie role as the notorious 007 spy, James Bond. So far, Daniel Craig has starred in the highest-grossing James Bond movies up to this point, and despite saying he would rather slit his wrists than play the role one more time, it looks like Craig is at it again with a new James Bond film said to premiere in November 2019.

This new announcement makes us wonder what influenced his change of heart, whether it was the pay, his adoring fans, or just too much alcohol before an interview. Whatever influenced his decision, we think we know the top four secrets Daniel Craig would end up revealing if he was under the influence in Key West.

He doesn’t like James Bond.

4 Secrets Daniel Craig Would Spill if He Were Drunk in Key West | Hangover Hospital Key WestIf Daniel Craig were boozing in Key West, we are sure that his new debut would come up, where he would admit that he actually doesn’t like James Bond (at least not all of his qualities). In an interview with The Red Bulletin, Daniel Craig admitted that James Bond is a misogynist who is lacking a moral compass, making him a really bad example of a role model or hero.

  • Though there are things about the British spy that Craig still likes, a few wine coolers may get Craig to express his real feelings.

He was a Spanish sword fighter with bad hair.

In the mid-1800s, Daniel Craig was actually a skilled fighter with a sword. How is this possible? Our beloved James Bond originally took the role of Lieutenant Hidalgo in the 90s production of The New Zorro. You can see Craig with all of his awful wavy hair and Spanish glory in this great clip.

  • It would probably be hard to admit to that hairdo if alcohol weren’t involved, not to mention owning up to that bad stache!

He struggled with his sexual identity.

4 Secrets Daniel Craig Would Spill if He Were Drunk in Key West | Hangover Hospital Key WestOkay, so it wasn’t Daniel Craig specifically, but a character he played in a theatrical play called Angels in America. In the play, Craig played a gay man who was married to a woman but would later come out to pursue a homosexual relationship. Though Craig has actually been married to Rachel Weisz now for six years, it still makes you wonder what he would divulge about his sexuality after a few brewskies.



He is actually a clone.

Daniel Craig also played a clone by the name of Bernard in another theater performance known as A Number. With a role like this, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Craig may let it spill about some of his identity issues if you give him a little too much of that unholy elixir.

Before You Divulge Too Much

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