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6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover

By October 13, 2020Uncategorized
6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover

A majority of people experience a hangover after excessive alcohol consumption. If you are reading this, you have likely woken up to terrible Hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea, tiredness, and stomach upset. While these symptoms can pass on their own, they will likely keep you off your game for a whole day. This is why finding an effective hangover cure is of the utmost importance.

Research indicates that some foods could help alleviate hangover symptoms. In this article, we review the top 6 best foods to prevent a hangover.

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6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover1. Leafy Vegetables

  • Dark, leafy vegetables like spinach are a rich source of nutrients.
  • They contain minerals, amino acids, and several vitamins.
  • Consequently, they can help your body eliminate toxins caused by alcohol consumption and recover from a hangover.
  • They can also alleviate symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea because they contain fiber.

You can eat vegetables as part of a salad or in your omelet for breakfast.

2. Carbs

  • One of the most bothersome hangover symptoms is queasiness and tiredness.
  • Most people with a hangover wake up feeling tired and groggy.
  • By taking a carbohydrate snack, you can supply your body with much-needed energy quickly and efficiently.

Opt. for simple carbs such as bagels and toast. It is advisable to steer clear of oily and salty crackers as they can aggravate an upset stomach.

6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover3. Bananas

  • When you consume alcohol, your potassium levels go down.
  • This can explain some of the hangover symptoms.
  • Bananas are rich in potassium and can replenish your potassium levels.
  • They also contain sugar, which can increase your energy levels and fiber, which improves digestive symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea.

4. Water

  • Alcohol is known to cause dehydration.
  • This is because it acts as a diuretic, which means it causes you to urinate more frequently than usual.
  • Common effects of dehydration include excessive thirst, headache, and fatigue.
  • Therefore, staying hydrated during and after drinking can alleviate hangover symptoms.

6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover5. Eggs

  • Eggs are gentle on the stomach.
  • They are also a rich source of nutrients.
  • Generally, this can come in handy when you are weak but experiencing nausea and an upset stomach.
  • Take your eggs plain or with toast.
  • Avoid any oily foods such as butter, as they might further upset your stomach.

6. Green Tea

  • According to a 2016 study, green tea help sped up alcohol metabolism in the body.
  • It also helps prevent liver damage.
  • This is why it is a better alternative to morning coffee.
  • Highly caffeinated coffee can aggravate some symptoms, such as an upset stomach.

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The best foods to prevent hangovers work by replenishing your electrolytes, reenergizing yourself, and rehydrating your body. That said, you may not always have access to these foods. When you do, they might not work as fast as you would wish them to.

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