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A Guide on Alcohol Named After People

By September 15, 2021Drinking Facts
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The history of alcohol is long. Even today, drinking has been part and parcel of society, meaning these recreational drinks are here to stay. It is fascinating to know that some of the brands in the market got their names after people. Most of these names belong to iconic persons who once existed.

Nevertheless, we must say that all these drinks, being alcoholic, will leave you with a hangover in the morning. 

Captain Morgan

The naming of the alcohol is after Sir Henry Morgan, who was once a Welsh pirate of the Caribbean. His name grew far and wide in the 17th century. The brand Captain Morgan’s production by a British company called Diageo.

Rums are crucial for any alcohol-manufacturing brand, and Captain Morgan is no different. It gets its rums from the distillation of sugar cane. The factors that give the rum its distinctive flavor include:

  • Type of yeast
  • Conditions for aging
  • Distillation processes
  • Blending

There are different brand varieties in the market, such as dark rum, black-spiced rum, lime bite, deluxe dark, and the list goes on.


The country of origin of the alcoholic brand in Ireland is a brewery at St. James’s Gate, Dublin. The person behind it was Arthur Guinness back in the year 1759. The brand hit the market running and was soon later considered among the best brands in the world. In 2000, the company opened a Guinness storehouse which is a crucial tourist attraction site in Ireland.

The unique flavor of the drink comes from the craftiness around malted barley and roasted unmalted barley. The blending of freshly brewed beer gave the alcohol a lactic acid taste. When pouring the drink into a glass, there is a thick and creamy head that emerges. It emanates from the infusion of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Some studies show that beer brings some benefits to health due to its antioxidant properties. On the other hand, findings show the beer is friendlier to the heart than other brands. This comes from the slowing down of the cholesterol deposition within the arteries.

Johnnie Walker

The brand was pioneered in Scotland by John Walker. It is considered the top whisky brand with Scottish origin regarding distribution globally. Presently, it is in every country. However, Diageo is the owner of the iconic brand. This is after Guinness acquired the brand and merged with Grand Metropolitan.

There are different blends of the beer which means diversity in the tastes and flavors in the market. Some of the main ones include the red label, black label, green label, gold label, and many others. The firm is planning to release environmentally-friendly paper bottles soon.

Alcohol brands have long histories since their inception in the industry. The naming of some of these brands is after real people. These brands bear the names of the person who pioneered them while others after iconic persons in society. Most of these brands are international as they have grown vastly since their establishment.

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