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A Guide to Alcohol Named After Dogs

By October 20, 2021Drinking Facts
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It’s interesting to learn more about the history of alcohol naming. While some are named after their pioneers, there are some whose naming is after dogs. Yes, some are named after dogs, and you can hardly know it unless you do some background search work.

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Here is a list of cocktails and alcohol named after dogs.

  • The Greyhound Drink

There is a specific way of preparing this drink to get the final taste. The first is finding all the necessary ingredients. You need to have 1.5 oz vodka and 3 oz grapefruit juice. First, fill your glass with ice. From here, you pour the vodka then the grapevine juice. The other step involves garnishing with lemon.

  • The Salty Dog Drink

When preparing, you need 3 oz grapefruit juice, rimming salt, and 1.5 oz gin. However, there is flexibility since you can choose between gin and vodka, depending on your taste. When mixing, the drink needs rimming of the glass before filling the glass with ice. Later, add booze and fruit juice. Here, you may add any quantity you want so long as you feel comfortable. It’s also a great idea to garnish with cherry or go for the typical lime juice.

  • The Great Dane

This Great Dane drink is easy to prepare, but you ought to follow the correct procedure. It’s what helps in getting the final desired taste. The ingredients you need include:

  • 1 oz cherry brandy
  • ½ oz dry vermouth
  • 1 teaspoon of kirsch
  • 2 oz gin

As you prepare, ensure you get it right when doing the mixing. Begin by filling your cocktail shaker with ice. From this point, put vermouth, kirsch, cherry brandy, then gin as you do the mixing. Later, strain everything into the cocktail glass and finish with a varnish of lemon juice. Lemon peels are also an option when doing garnishing.

  • The Bulldog Smash Drink

For you to have a tasty bulldog smash drink, you need ingredients such as a teaspoon of sugarcane syrup, half a lemon, bourbon, Cointreau, some fresh mint leaves, and half a peach. If you want to have a sizzling glass of the drink, first muddle the lemon, peach, sugarcane syrup, and mint together. Later, include the Cointreau and bourbon. After filling the shaker with ice, proceed with the straining.

  • Houndstooth

This drink needs endive syrup, gin, celery bitters, fresh lime juice, and club soda. Include all ingredients in a shaker and strain with a glass of ice. Do some topping with club soda. The houndstooth drink is very trendy these days due to the unique taste it comes with.

Names of alcoholic drinks and cocktails are diverse. What is exciting is there is alcohol named after dogs, and you can hardly notice it. Some of these drinks are easy to prepare and need a specific procedure for you to arrive at the desired taste.  Never allow hangovers to trouble you as there are experts to offer assistance within a short time.

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