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All You Need To Know About Alcohol and Diarrhea

By April 14, 2021Hangover Facts
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Drinking can result in a plethora of consequences in addition to everyday hangover symptoms and morning nausea. Hangover diarrhea can be the result of excessive drinking or drinking and eating. Because alcohol is a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine produced in your body, diarrhea is a common symptom. 

Alcohol causes people to lose a significant amount of fluids and causes people to experience severe headaches as well as other symptoms. Hangover Hospital Key West has developed a 45-minute treatment option for any hangover. 

What causes diarrhea after drinking?

Ethanol is a key ingredient in alcohol that impacts the digestive system and can result in a trip or two to the bathroom, especially the morning after excessive drinking, which is known as the day-after-drinking stool (DADS). 

Additionally, alcohol increases the rate at which colon muscles expel waste. During this process, your body does not have sufficient time to absorb water efficiently, which increases the amount of water in your stool. According to Healthline, alcohol also increases the process of digestion, which has the same effect.

Can you avoid diarrhea after alcohol?

Consuming beer and alcohol commonly causes diarrhea. While the body is adapted to digest carbohydrates found in beer and alcoholic drinks, ethanol in alcohol speeds up digestion, forcing some carbohydrates to find their way to your colon before they have been properly digested. 

In turn, you may experience cramping, gas, and diarrhea. It is best for people to avoid excessive consumption of these drinks and control their intake of:

  •       High-fat foods
  •       High-fiber foods
  •       Highly-spiced foods

When should you see a doctor?

A few movements should not be a cause for alarm. Mild diarrhea can be treated by drinking fluids to replenish the water your body lost while your digestive system was working on overdrive. Some people will feel the effects of drinking more than the rest, similar to what happens in individuals with lactose intolerance. In mild cases, you can use over-the-counter medications — such as Pepto-Bismol and Imodium A-D — or consume foods that are high in probiotics — like kimchi and yogurt — to reduce symptoms. 

Untreated conditions can cause significant problems and can cause death. Seek medical attention from a qualified professional if you have symptoms that last for more than a day or severe symptoms, such as bloody stool, abdominal pains, and fever. Frequent diarrhea after drinking could also be a sign of an underlying condition.

Contact Hangover Hospital Key West

During and after consuming alcohol, especially when excessive drinking is involved, you are likely to lose a lot of fluids through vomiting and excessive diarrhea. The amount of fluids lost are almost impossible to replenish by simply drinking water. 

Hangover Hospital Key West in Florida developed an IV infusion that deposits fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This method is faster and more effective than at-home treatment. Schedule an appointment online or call the offices the next time you wake up with a hangover or other symptoms after drinking.

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