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Bananas for Curing Hangovers

By October 31, 2019Folk Hangover Cure
6 Best Foods to Prevent Hangover

A hangover happens when your body is dehydrated from consuming too much alcohol. Its symptoms include

  • sensitivity to light
  • dizziness
  • headache, an
  • nausea

Unfortunately, research on hangovers is limited. The exact cause is not clear. However, certain foods and drinks may help cure it. The humble banana is one of them. A banana hangover cure works because of its high potassium concentration.

Reasons Why Bananas Can Cure Hangovers

Alcohol inhibits the production of a hormone that helps the body retain water. Dehydration and loss of electrolytes including sodium and potassium increase your chances of getting a hangover. Bananas replenish your body’s stores of potassium.

Bananas are an excellent source of B6 which is said to help with hangovers. It also has plenty of magnesium that can heal headaches and calm blood vessels.

If you have an upset stomach, bananas may help. They treat heartburn and stomach upsets. Consider having a banana or two after a night of drinking. It may reduce the effects of your hangover. If you wake up with a hangover, you may consume your banana whole, as a smoothie, or as a banana tea.

Other Foods that May Help With Hangover

1. Honey

Honey is rich in fructose. It may be great for fighting hangovers. The concentration of fructose may be up to 39% depending on the type. It helps your body get rid of alcohol fast. Honey may increase the rate of alcohol elimination by up to 32.4%. However, it does not fight off the symptoms of a hangover.

2. Meat

Meat may help your body deal with hangovers. If you consume a lot of alcohol, your body may be unable to consume certain amino acids. You may suffer amino acid deficiencies. Meat is a good choice for hangovers as your body breaks down proteins into amino acids.

3. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, they also have a high concentration of cysteine, an amino acid that your body uses to produce glutathione. Consumption of alcohol reduces your body’s store of glutathione. This makes it difficult for the body to eliminate alcohol and other toxic substances. Consuming eggs may help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon may help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Watermelon has a high concentration of L-citrulline and water. It hydrates your body and increases the flow of blood to your brain.


5. Dates

Like bananas, dates are rich in potassium. They are also rich in sugar. They help fight the symptoms of hangovers. If you have an aversion to bananas, dates are a great choice.

6. Pickles

Pickles have a high concentration of sodium. Excessive drinking may deplete your body of sodium. Pickles raise the levels and help get rid of hangover symptoms. Different pickle brands may have different sodium concentrations.

If a banana hangover cure does not work for you, consider seeking help from Hangover Hospital. We are glad to help you wherever you are. When you call us or fill out our form, we will send one of our members of staff to you as soon as possible.

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