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Berocca Hangover Cure

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If you are a staunch drinker, you probably have dropped an orange tablet into a glass of water and gulped the resulting bubbly water and hoped for a speedy end to their sorrows. The orange disc is the Berocca, a vitamin tablet containing vitamin C and B vitamins caffeine, added calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Berocca is offered in the form of a fizzy tablet usually dropped into water— Berocca tablet resembles an Alka-Seltzer. According to Florida hangover specialists, there are several hangover cures, but they do not always work. Further, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to vet the accuracy of the claim that Berocca can be used to cure a hangover. Berocca is thought to contain several supposedly hangover-busting ingredients: Vitamin C, caffeine, zinc, guarana, B vitamin, zinc, and magnesium. This blog aims to explore whether Berocca actually helps cure a hangover.

The science of hangover

To understand whether supposedly hangover-busting ingredients found in Berocca actually cures a hangover, we have to understand the science of hangover. Multiple factors cause hangover symptoms, including headache, nausea, muscle aches, dry mouth, and anxiety. The science of hangovers is not as simple as thought to be. For starters, alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it makes you urinate more fluid than you are consuming once the seal is broken, the seal does not stop. The reason behind this is that alcohol blocks the receptors that trigger the release of the ADH hormone responsible for water reabsorptions in the kidneys. As a result, drinking cause dehydration.

Secondly, your; liver is responsible for the breakdown of alcohol to produce acetaldehyde, a toxic by-product that causes a hangover. In normal circumstances, these toxic by-products are often neutralized by antioxidants. But when you drink, your body’s antioxidant can become depleted.

Is Berocca actually effective

The answer to this is that supposedly hangover-busting ingredients found in Berocca are not as effective as thought to be. Firstly, vitamin C can help the liver perform its function effectively. However, once you have woken up with a hang down, the damage is done. Taking drinks containing Vitamin C will not help much. If vitamin C is going to have assist alleviate hangover, it should be taken straight after, before, or during drinking. This way, Vitamin C is available for your liver to help in its functions.

Similarly, taking B vitamins before drinking can help prevent hangovers. Studies have demonstrated that alcohol inhibits your body’s ability to absorb B vitamins and similarly leaches this vitamin from your body, meaning that taking them after drinking does not help relieve a hangover.

Further, the caffeine found in Berocca does not help alleviate hangover because a lack of energy does not cause the hangover but sleep deprivation and dehydration and too much consumption of alcohol. Berocca drinks may only help if you are too dehydrated; however, it will not help with every aspect of the hangover.

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This blog has shown that, indeed, a hangover is a result of multiple effects of alcohol on your system. This article has also demonstrated that the ingredients found in Berocca have little to no effect on curing a hangover because they have nothing to do with the science of hangover. In summary, there are several techniques used to cure a hangover, but they do not always work. Nonetheless, Hangover Hospital 45-minute IV Hangover cure has proven to be effective. If you have a bad hangover, do not hesitate to contact Hangover Hospital.