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Best Alcohol For No Hangover

By June 13, 2021Drinking Facts
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Because all alcoholic drinks have ethanol, when selecting the ‘Best alcohol for no hangover,’ the sole factor you have control over is congener concentrations. Typically, congener concentration is measured by how ‘dark’ the drink is. But note that drinking any alcoholic beverage will possibly give you a hangover.

A night out with friends does not always have to end up with all the drowsiness and other daunting hangover symptoms the following morning.

What Is The Best Alcohol For No Hangover?

The ethanol content in most drinks is almost the same. It is the congeners’ concentration that varies. The following is a more detailed insight into the different types of alcohol and how variably they are likely to cause a hangover.

  • Best Vodka For No Hangover

Vodka is said to be the spirit that causes the least amount of hangover. That is if you drink the same volume and intensity of vodka as you would bourbon.

There is a lot of discussion about whether drinking more expensive vodka reduces the severity of hangovers. And a ton of that has to do with the number of times the vodka is ‘filtered’ or ‘distilled.’

In most cases, particular vodka brands are sometimes labeled as ‘triple distilled’ or ‘5x distilled.’ This means that the vodka has had more impurities removed. Congeners are another name for these impurities. The variation is possibly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And it may have much less of an impact on the magnitude of a hangover.

  • Best Beer For No Hangover

It all gets down to beer quality and the color regarding the right beer with the minimal possible risk of a hangover. The percentage of alcohol in the beer is the most significant factor. The strength of regular beers ranges from 4% to 6%. Even if the disparity is just 2%, it represents a nearly 35 percent rise. Everything adds up.

You will also get beers with much higher alcohol content, which would give you a far worse hangover. Besides strength, color is also an important consideration. Congeners are found in more significant quantities in darker beers.

  • Best Wine For No Hangover

The answer is straightforward. When opposed to white and rosé wine, red wine is considered to cause the worst hangovers. This is because red wine contains more congeners. Substances like serotonin and histamine, for example, are headache triggers.

Hangovers are generally exacerbated by consuming too much alcohol. It is a positive indication that you drank pretty much alcohol for your body to bear. It is a bad idea to look for a type of alcohol that does not give you a hangover, as there is no alcohol that does not trigger a hangover.

Drinking less alcohol and drinking steadily is the safest way to avoid a hangover the next day. Aside from that, taking a glass of water after every alcoholic drink and eating before heading out is also beneficial.

If you experience hangover symptoms that do not fade away within 24 hours, it is best to see a doctor. The team at Hangover Hospital boasts of their 45-minute hangover relief cure. Find out more by making an appointment today.

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