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The Best Drunk Games

By May 27, 2019Drinks
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Whether you’re hosting a house party or a large event, you can liven up the atmosphere with some fun and easy-to-follow drunk games. We have found the top four drunk games you should play at your next party. These games include limited materials (if any) so all you need is the rules, the drinks, and the enthusiasm to play!

Beer Pong

Possibly the most popular drunk game on our list is Beer Pong. Beer Pong has slightly different variations for each group of friends, and you can implement rules that your group all agrees on. However, the standard version of Beer Pong is simple and easy to follow.

You will need a ping pong table (although any table will do), red solo cups, and a ping pong ball. Set up a formation of 10 cups on each side of the table, in the shape of a triangle. Fill each cup with beer to the second line on the red solo cup (approximately 3 ounces of beer). Each player gets three attempts to get their ping pong ball into one of their opponent’s cups. Each time a ball lands successfully in your cup, you must finish the drink. When someone clears their opponent’s ten cups, they win the game.

Beer Pong is a game that moves pretty quickly, so lots of people can have a turn playing. When it comes to drunk games, beer pong is a blast to play and to watch.

Flip Cup

Why not maximize on your drunk games by reusing the materials? If you have the tools for beer pong, then you can play Flip Cup as well.

For Flip Cup, there should be two teams, with even amounts of members. Each team lines up in front of their side of a table with a cup of beer. Make sure that everyone has the same sized cups and the same amount of beer. Once the game starts, the people at the start of the line must chug their beer, slam the empty cup down on the table, and attempt to flip it upright with their finger. Once a member of the team successfully has their cup flipped upright, the next member of their team goes. The team to successfully have all team members flip their cups upright first, wins.

Never Have I Ever

This is a drunk game that should start later on in the party after everyone has had a few drinks and has loosened

 up. The concept of Never Have I Ever is incredibly simple. Everyone sits together and takes turns saying something they have never done. An example being, “Never have I ever stolen something.” Everyone playing who has done that action before has to take a drink. The simplicity of the game should not fool you. You end up learning a lot about people that you may have never guessed! This game goes down a sexual and devious road almost instantly.

Most Likely

Most Likely and Never Have I Ever are very similar drunk games. The difference being is in Never Have I Ever individuals reveal secrets about themselves, wherein Most Likey you get to find out what people think about you

For ‘Most Likely,’ everyone sits in a circle. When it’s your turn, you make a most likely statement. Such as, ‘Who would be most likely to get the most hammered tonight.” Then everyone counts to three, and points who they think would fit the question best. The person with the most fingers pointed at them has to take a drink.

More Drunk Games

Wet Socks Hangover CureSome additional drunk games that you may want to look into, that use more materials or get people extremely drunk quickly include

  • King’s Cup
  • Quarters
  • Thumper
  • Straight Face
  • Power Hour
  • Edward 40 Hands

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