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Best Medicine to Prevent Hangover

By March 5, 2021Uncategorized
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Patients searching for a fast hangover cure might be upset on knowing there is nothing like a hangover cure. Currently, there is no proven and effective hangover treatment. One of the reasons behind the lack of a hangover treatment is that the hangover is a range of symptoms from nausea and headaches to stomach upsets. However, this doesn’t mean that all hangover ‘cures’ are a scam. Various medications effectively mitigate hangover symptoms, such as soothing a headache and stopping the nauseous feeling.

If drinking alcohol has left you with a terrible hangover, the Hangover Hospital Key West has an alternative solution. Our 45-minute IV hangover relief will efficiently eliminate the hangover symptoms and get you ready for your daily plans. Here, we take an exclusive look at the best medicine to prevent a hangover.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been proven to effectively relieve headaches and muscle aches that could result from a hangover. The common NSAIDs include;

  •       Naproxen
  •       Ibuprofen
  •       Aspirin

These medicines are regularly consumed to relieve hangover-associated pains. The NSAIDs can also aid in counteracting various ethanol inflammatory effects as well as its metabolites. Although they have been proven to be effective in lowering hangover symptoms, these medications could potentially aggravate stomach pain, gastritis, and queasiness in other people.


N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is an amino acid available in particular protein-rich diets or a pill form available in pharmacies and nutrition stores. It helps increase the creation of the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione is essential for effective alcohol breakdown and reduction of oxidative harm in the body. According to a research study in rats, NAC might reduce acetaldehyde levels and ethanol-instigated hypertension. There is also evidence of NAC as an effective hangover treatment in humans.


As a diuretic, alcohol consumption can result in the depletion of water-soluble vitamins contained in your body. After excessive drinking, various vitamins such as vitamin B and thiamine are regularly washed-out. Hence, Vitamin supplementation will help restore the essential vitamins required by your body in maintaining energy levels and help relieve your hangover.


This is a popular stimulant used by lots of people in combating headaches and lethargy related to hangovers. Scientific studies have revealed the ability of caffeine to lessen headaches linked to taking alcohol. This means taking tea rich in caffeine will go a long way in relieving you from the pounding head in the morning.

Activated charcoal

This form of medication is sold for preventing or treating hangovers is enclosed in capsules and consumed orally afore to drinking alcohol. According to the manufacturers, the activated charcoal works by absorbing congeners contained in most alcoholic drinks preventing the long-duration or severity of hangovers.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best medicines to prevent hangovers. While stimulants such as caffeine and anti-inflammatory agents might decrease the harshness of alcohol after-effect symptoms, medical evidence is not yet available to measure their effectiveness. But there is no need to panic. If these options are not effective for you, you should book an appointment with the Hangover Hospital for a quick IV treatment.