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Best Way to Cure Hangover Nausea

By February 12, 2020Medical Terms
Best Way to Cure Hangover Nausea

Hangover nausea comes about due to the production of stomach acid and delayed stomach emptying triggered by alcohol. There are a number of measures taken with the aim of relieving an irritable belly owing to a hangover. Such measures do not avail much in curing hangover nausea. Some of these measures include:

  • induced vomiting
  • drinking water
  • taking self-prescribed medication

Fortunately, Hangover Hospital can help you cure a hangover with their 45 minute IV Hangover cure. 

Why 45 Minute IV Hangover Cure?

Hangover cure vitaminsThe 45 minute IV Hangover cure from Hangover Hospital is the best way to cure hangover nausea. The IV hangover solution is a blend of vital minerals and vitamins that your body needs to overcome nausea. The solution is delivered directly into your bloodstream to rehydrate your body and ensure 100% absorption. 

Absorption of the nutrients into your body happens much faster through the bloodstream than through the digestive system. Vitamin B12 contained in the 45 minute IV Hangover cure helps in boosting energy levels. The IV hangover solution is also comprised of B-Complex vitamins that help your body in converting food into energy. 

In addition, Hangover Hospital provides anti-nausea medication in the 45 minute IV Hangover cure that helps in calming your stomach. Which ensures your comfort throughout the best way to cure hangover nausea.

Why Hangover Hospital?

The typical hangover treatment provided by Hangover Hospital for hangover nausea takes only 45 minutes or less to cure you. The team of experts comes to you and administers treatment at your own convenience. 

The specialists in Hangover Hospital are Florida licensed paramedics, nurses, and physicians who will ensure that your hangover nausea is cured. Moreover, a 45-minute treatment beats a wasted day stuck on your couch trying to self-medicate undesirable hangover nausea.

The Benefits of 45 Minute IV Hangover Cure

If you spent the previous night drinking, chances are you may have to deal with hangover nausea in the morning. Nausea, along with other hangover symptoms may quickly be resolved by the 45 minute IV Hangover cure.

45 Minute IV Hangover Cure Hydrates Your Body Faster Than Drinking Water

Drinking water in most cases immediately quenches your thirst. That is what happens when you drink water after a night out and you instantly feel quenched. However, what really happens is that the water just hydrates the tissues of your mouth, tongue, and throat. 

The water is only absorbed into your large intestine several hours after drinking it. This means your body will have to wait for quite some time before it benefits from the water you drink. On the other hand, the 45 minute IV Hangover cure starts to rehydrate your body immediately. You end up feeling better much faster compared to if you took several cups of water.

Quick Remedy to Nausea

The worst part of a hangover is having to deal with nausea. Your stomach not only aches but it gets very difficult for you to eat any food. The 45-minute Hangover cure enables you to counter any trigger to vomiting whenever you consume food or water. The anti-nausea and anti-heartburn medications in the hangover solution also settle your stomach quickly enough.

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