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Blowfish Hangover Cure

By August 21, 2019Uncategorized
Blowfish Hangover Cure | Hangover Hospital

When it comes to the many hangover cures that are out there, Blowfish is always touted as being at the top of the list. Many people swear by this hangover remedy, but does it really work? What’s in it that makes hangovers magically disappear? If you’re suffering from a hangover, is Blowfish right for you? At Hangover Hospital, we want to answer some of these common questions surrounding this hangover cure, and more. 

What is Blowfish?

Blowfish Hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalBlowfish is a hangover cure that comes in tablet form. You drop the tablet into a glass of water and when it dissolves, you drink the water. Blowfish is manufactured by Rally Labs, LLC, which is an official drug company. As such, it has the licensing and marketing rights to sell the product as a hangover cure, one of the first of its kind. 

  • There are only two ingredients in Blowfish. Those are aspirin and caffeine. The amount of aspirin in Blowfish is significant, at 500 mg. To understand how much that is, individuals that take aspirin every day to help with cardiovascular problems take approximately 75 mg a day. Aspirin is also an NSAID, which is known to be very helpful with curing hangovers. 
  • Caffeine, of course, is a stimulant that makes you feel more alert. This can help with the grogginess feeling hangovers often bring. The amount of caffeine in Blowfish is far less than its aspirin component. There is only 60 mg of caffeine in each Blowfish tablet, which is about half a cup of coffee. 

Side Effects of Blowfish

Blowfish Hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalLike any drug, Blowfish does have some known side effects. One of those is that you may actually become more dehydrated. Caffeine is a known diuretic and can cause hangover symptoms to become worse. 

The aspirin in Blowfish also has some common side effects. These include the onset of acute asthma attacks for those that suffer from the condition. Those with kidney disease should also avoid using Blowfish. Less commonly, aspirin is known to cause liver and kidney problems, bleeding, and nausea and vomiting, which are very common hangover symptoms.

Does Blowfish Work?

Blowfish Hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalIf you have a hangover, the main concern you likely have is whether or not Blowfish works. The answer is that it does, and it doesn’t. 

  • With so much aspirin packed into one tablet, Blowfish will help with certain hangover symptoms, such as a headache. However, it is no more effective than taking aspirin and drinking it with a cup of coffee. It also has some side effects that could exacerbate the symptoms of a hangover. 

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