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What Is “Cabbaged” and How Did We Start Using It to Mean Drunk?

The term “cabbaged” as slang is Irish in origin. The Irish have produced some of the greatest slang terms for drunk the world has ever been gifted. On the other hand, many of these terms relate to a vegetative state that is experienced when someone is completely brain dead.

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For instance, the term “cabbaged” originally meant sloth-like and slovenly. A person who loafed about on the couch all day was said to be “cabbaged”. Someone who moved as little as possible was said to be cabbaged. Someone who did not lift a finger to help anyone else was said to be cabbaged. Today, someone who is so drunk that they can no longer move is said to be cabbaged.

What Happens When You’re “Cabbaged”?

A number of people who consume alcohol will, at some point, pass out. Others who consume too much alcohol may be pass-out drunk. For those who don’t have medical degrees, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Suffice it to say, there are different kinds of passing out.

Alcohol, much like opioids, is a respiratory depressant. In addition, consuming too much alcohol can make you vomit. Those who vomit while they’re passed out can choke on their vomit and, due to their inebriation, not notice that they’re doing it. Tragically, this often leads to death.

If you have a friend who is mixing alcohol with other respiratory depressants, like opioids of any kind, the danger that they will stop breathing increases. Knowing that both alcohol and opioids are respiratory depressants, you should also understand that, when you’re drinking, it takes far less of an opioid to cause respiratory arrest.

My Friend is Cabbaged! What Should I Do?

There will be times when the only correct solution is to bring your friend to the hospital. There will be other times when you can let them sleep it off.

If your friend has reached the point where they’re vomiting, their body is reacting to the fact that there’s too much alcohol in there. This is a good thing. Essentially, the hospital will have to pump the stomach of someone who has alcohol poisoning.

Someone who is throwing up may not need their stomach pumped. However, they may have not emptied the entire contents of their stomach. After they’re through, you can let them pass out, but make certain that they are laying on their side and not on their back.

When Should I Call the Hospital?

This is important. If your friend has passed out:

  • Use vigorous tactics to wake them up.
  • If they don’t wake up, make get drunk without drinkingsure that they’re breathing properly.
  • If they’re not, there’s a problem. You can measure their breathing by counting how many breaths they take in a minute.
  • If the number is twelve or fewer, it’s time to bring them to the hospital.

They have alcohol poisoning, need to have their stomach pumped, and need to be stabilized.

In most cases, your friend will need to simply sleep it off. Being “cabbaged” isn’t so much fun after all.

Taking Care of a Cabbaged Friend

In cases where your friend is still responsive, you should insist that they drink water and eat a bit of bread to help fill their stomach. Those who are already passed out and not responding can be safely rolled on their side unless their breathing is so shallow that they’re on the brink of death.

If your friend has turned blue or is exhibiting signs of fever or chills, you should call an ambulance immediately. It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and get cabbaged friends the help they need.

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