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Can a Mosquito Patch Cure Hangover?

You have probably heard about the use of mosquito patches to prevent waking up with a headache, nausea, and other symptoms associated with a hangover. If you are wondering if it works, the answer is yes. There are also various other remedies you could use before going out for a drink to ensure the following day is more bearable.

Hangover Hospital Key West also offers a 45-minute IV hangover relief to get you back on your feet within less than an hour. Schedule an appointment by filling a form online or call the offices. Here is additional information on mosquito patch and hangover:

What makes a mosquito patch suitable for a hangover?

Before looking at the ingredients of a mosquito patch, it is good to know what a hangover is in simple terms. When one has a  hangover, they are dehydrated and feel achy or low energy because Vitamin B levels are low. Therefore, the best remedy would be to look for rehydration options or avoid dehydration. That is why people suggest using a mosquito repellent patch before leaving the house. It prevents but does not cure.

Mosquito patches work by releasing a dose of Vitamin B in the human system. Note mosquitos are not fans of Vitamin B and will, therefore, avoid biting. High levels of Vitamin B in your system will also ensure you wake up feeling fresher the next day. According to a journal published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), using Vitamin B products helps prevent hangover symptoms.

How to use a mosquito patch

Apply a patch less than an hour before you go out for your drinks and keep it on for the next eight hours. This means that you will sleep with the patch and peel it off the following morning. You will be assured of results provided you have given the patch enough time to work before having the first drink. If you don’t like mosquito patches, there are other options like taking a B12 or Vitamin B complex tablet.

Other hangover remedies

You can prevent and manage hangover symptoms by using recommended remedies before, during, or after your drinks. Here are a few examples:

  • Before: Like a mosquito patch, milk thistle, wholemeal grains, and Berocca are good choices to take before drinking. Berocca contains Vitamin B, milk thistle facilitates alcohol metabolism, and wholemeal grains help have something in the stomach before and during drinks.
  • During: A midnight snack and water will help prevent hangover symptoms the following morning. Avoid things like salty chips, which could further dehydrate you. Instead, go for some chicken and pitta bread.
  • After: Wake up and take a lot of water, orange juice, and probably eggs. Water rehydrates your body, while orange juice replaces lost vitamins.

IV hangover relief

If you wake up feeling dizzy or with a terrible headache, and IV hangover relief could be the right option for you. An IV is a preferable option because it might be impossible to drink two liters of water faster enough. Call Hangover Hospital Key West on 305-912-4911 or schedule an appointment online for quick and effective treatment. 

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