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Why You Can Shake a Hangover with an IV

By July 12, 2019Hangover Facts

why you can shake a hangover with an IV | hangover hospitalAnyone who has woken up in the morning after a long night of drinking has wished for a miracle cure for their hangover. From “hair of the dog” Bloody Mary’s, to greasy food, to water and sleep, everyone seems to have their own special cure for the morning after flu. If you’ve ever wished that you could quickly treat a hangover – and feel even better than before – an IV drip rich in electrolytes and vitamins might be just the thing.

Visting Key West, Florida?

why you can shake a hangover with an IV | Hangover HospitalIf you’re on vacation in Key West, FL  and need a quick recovery after a long night of partying, your personal attendant is guaranteed to arrive within 45 minutes, with an injection of vitamins and an IV drip of fluids set to get you rehydrated, balance your electrolytes, and provide fast nourishment to replenish the demands your night out on the town took from your body. No, it’s not a medical miracle – it’s called Hangover Hospital, and it’s skyrocketing in popularity.


  • We put this to the test – even though the package is geared toward high powered executives that might be entertaining clients all night but need to power through the deal the next morning, that doesn’t mean that Hangover Hospital is limited to the wolves of Wall Street, anyone can have nurses come to you or you can stop in as well. In order to ensure the maximum, well, hungover-ness, we did everything wrong that our blog advises preventing a hangover. Dark liquor and sugary beverages with a lot of carbonation, a mixed bag of chips instead of eating a full meal, and zero water – we’re maxing out the bad advice!
  • The fun was had. The next morning? Painful. Luckily, sober-us booked our hangover nurse the night before – before all the extra drinks kicked in. We awoke to our nurse saying that she was nearby. Sure enough, the IV and vitamins made our bodies feel better, but I was still hungry and my friend was very tired. What we call the IV in the Keys does promise is a combination of vitamins and minerals that your body lost during drinking and metabolizing the alcohol. The rebalanced electrolytes help alleviate feelings of nausea while the vitamin B complex replenishes this important mineral that your liver uses to process your drinks. It also helps boost your energy levels.
  • Our take away? Hangover Hospital does wonder to remove the symptoms from the night before entirely and did help us feel more human. While we didn’t want to go to spin class the next day, we both were able to go to work, feeling just a bit like we’d had an extra glass of wine the night before – and not the extra bottle!

Want a Real Hangover Cure? Call Us Today!

why you can shake a hangover with an IV | hangover hospitalIf you can’t wait for your hangover to be over, contact Hangover Hospital today. Our hangover cure takes just minutes to start working, and we can be at your door in a matter of minutes. Call us now at (305) 912-4911 to book your appointment.