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Can Whole Foods Cure A Hangover?

By February 11, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
Can Whole Foods Cure A Hangover?

Eating whole foods before indulging in alcohol has been linked with keeping alcohol amounts in your body at manageable levels, but the question remains: “Can whole foods cure a hangover?”

Although whole foods help with managing alcohol levels when eaten prior to drinking alcohol, the case is not the same if the whole foods are consumed after alcohol is already absorbed into your body.

In fact, eating some whole foods to cure hangovers can have the opposite effect and upset your digestive system. The good news is that Hangover Hospital can help you cure your hangover effectively with their 45 minute IV Hangover cure.

Why Can’t Whole Foods Cure Hangover?

The internet is a rich source of well-meant suggestions concerning what you can eat to conquer a hangover. Bananas are often associated with replenishing nutrients such as potassium lost when drinking.

However, nutrient deficiency does not contribute to hangover symptoms nor is such deficiency possible after only a single night of drinking.

There is also no evidence that the consumption of whole foods after drinking helps in slowing alcohol absorption. Hangover nausea actually makes it very difficult for most people to consume anything the morning after.

Benefits of 45 Minute IV Hangover Cure

The 45 minute IV Hangover cure is an effective and quick method of combating hangover symptoms within 45 minutes. The treatment flushes out toxins from your body thus cleansing your system. Here are some beneficial components of the 45 minute IV Hangover cure:

  • B-Complex Vitamins: The IV hangover solution contains complex vitamins that perform vital functions in your body. Including the conversion of food into energy, cardiovascular support, and immune function.
  • IV Fluids: The treatment is made up of a liquid that delivers essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream which ensures immediate and complete absorption.
  • Anti-nausea Medication: The treatment comprises customized medication to calm your stomach and ensure your comfort during the recovery.
  • Anti-inflammatory Medication: The treatment also helps to ease muscle aches and headaches brought about by the effect of alcohol in your body.

Hangover cure vitaminsMoreover, 45 minute IV Hangover cure is a safe and convenient way of boosting your overall wellbeing. Which is unlike whole foods that can be expensive and time-consuming to obtain in curing a hangover.

The treatment is administered to you by trained professionals from Hangover Hospital who come right where you are. Be it in your hotel room, home, or workspace. The instant relief provided by the 45 minute IV Hangover cure is incomparable to any whole foods hangover cure.

Common Hangover Symptoms

Unlike whole foods hangover cure, the 45 minute IV Hangover cure resolves all unpleasant hangover signs and symptoms. Such symptoms begin when the blood alcohol content in your body drops to near zero. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumption, common hangover symptoms include:

  •         Weakness and fatigue
  •         Nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting
  •         Mood disturbances such as irritability, depression, and anxiety
  •         Dry mouth and excessive thirst
  •         Increased sensitivity to sound and light

It is important to get medical help to prevent the symptoms from becoming severe or life-threatening. The 45 minute IV Hangover cure is actually life-saving for an unconscious person following alcohol poisoning.

Contact Hangover Hospital

The specialists in Hangover Hospital are a team of Florida licensed nurses, paramedics, and physicians. The 45 minute IV Hangover relief they offer dulls away all hangover pain in less than an hour.

Do not resolve whole foods hangover cures, which have no guarantee of treating your hangover. Call the Hangover Hospital Key West today to schedule your hangover cure appointment.

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