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Can You Get A Hangover From Tequila?

By July 28, 2021Drinking Facts
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Most people enjoy unwinding with refreshing Tequila. But what about the aftermath the next morning? Does Tequila give you a hangover? Depending on the tequila quality, sometimes the hangovers might be the worst ever, but in some cases, they may not be bad at all.  

Some people even claim that there are tequilas that have no hangover. Tequila indeed tastes great but might leave you hungover, particularly when adding pre-made mixes with calories and sugar.

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Do Different Tequila Types Cause Different Hangover Levels?

There are many myths when it comes to hangovers and Tequila.  Some individuals believe that particular types of Tequila provide less severe hangovers, and some give no hangovers. Well, pure Tequila does not contain as many sugars or congeners as mixed tequilas, giving minimal hangovers. 

However, even the Blanco, 100% agave tequila contains ethanol only that the congeners are lower, meaning a no tequila hangover doesn’t exist. If you take enough of any tequila, including the purest, you will wake up feeling terrible.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Tequila Hangover?

Tequila hangover causes symptoms similar to any other type of alcohol hangover. Sometimes the symptoms may be more intense, but the general symptoms are no different. They include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle aches and body pain
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty concentrating

How Long Does The Tequila Hangover Last?

The length of your tequila hangover depends on several factors, including your individual situations and hangovers sensitivity. People are different, and some individuals don’t experience hangovers. 

More so, the amount of Tequila you took plays a significant role with the same going on the amount of Tequila it takes you to have a hangover. Usually, tequila hangover symptoms last from a few to twenty-four hours. For some people, the hangover might last up to two days.

How Do You Cure A Tequila Hangover?

So, you had some excess tequila shots during last night’s celebrations, and you woke up with an awful tequila hangover. So, how do you relieve these symptoms? 

Some things that can help you feel a bit better include; taking lots of water or rehydration salts, getting sufficient rest and sleep, taking painkillers such as Tylenol, and sipping ginger tea lightly to relieve the nauseous feeling. 

Being on a full stomach before drinking Tequila and taking a glass of water between the shots will also play a significant part in reducing the severity of your hangover.

Final Thoughts

Here is everything you need to know about Tequila hangovers, including why some Tequila types give you worse hangovers than others. 

On this note, a no hangover tequila doesn’t exist as all alcohol types will leave you with a hangover the next morning if you drink in case of excessive drinking. In this case, you can schedule an appointment with the Hangover Hospital. Contact us today.

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