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Common Curries That Reduce Hangover

By March 5, 2021Uncategorized
Common Curries That Reduce Hangover | Hangover Hospital Key West

Most of us have experienced pounding head and stomach discomforts after a long night of drinking. These experiences create fear of repercussions every time you think of partying for long. Therefore, people have tried to come up with natural solutions for hangovers ranging from drinking a lot of water to bloody Mary. Others suggest curry to make those unpleasant mornings bearable. Consult the Hangover Hospital in Key West for a 45 minute IV hangover relief to get you back on your daily routine. So, can curry really cure a hangover?

What is curry?

Curry is a wide range of dishes with an Indian origin that constitute herbs and spices such as ginger and dried chilies. Everyone craves spicy foods in the morning, especially the ones with a philosophy of, ‘the hotter the better.’ Some people enjoy curries and masalas for dinner. Others argue that spicy foods are beneficial in sweating out toxins. Spicy foods might reduce hangovers considering that they are caused by hangovers. Therefore, fighting dehydration will help you make your after mornings better. Here are the common spicy foods that will help you fight hangovers:

  •       Hot melted cheese: Most people prefer hot melted in the morning after a long night of partying. You may choose to have your cheese in pizza or on a toast even if you are struggling. Many have testified to relief after having cheese melted and viola to help them throughout their day.
  •       Tomato soup: Tomato is important to fight off dehydration. The salt inside retains water in your body because you desperately need it in the morning. Hangovers increase with increased dehydration. The soup can be ready-made in packets.
  •       Upma: Upma will easily give you comfort and warm you up when you are feeling like crap. The salt and water inside will keep you dehydrated and going throughout the day.
  •       Dhokla fry: The Gujarati snack is an effective cure for a hangover as it soothes your stomach. It is also delicious, and it will prevent you from vomiting. The taste will remain in your mouth and ease discomfort.
  •       Masala oats: The benefit of this kind of recipe is that it is easy to put together in the morning. You will find relief from a plate of hot masala that has various essential nutrients. Additionally, this meal is rich in Vitamin B, iron, and magnesium to ease the hangover.

Hangover Hospital’s IV hangover solution.

If these meals do not work for you, you have another sure option. Hangover Hospital offers you an IV hangover solution that solves your issue within 45 minutes. The IV also provides relief from:

  •       Sunburn relief
  •       Flu relief
  •       Athletic performance

The solution comprises minerals and vitamins needed to ease discomforts that result after a long night of overindulgence. You may get a B12 shot, a high dose of Vitamin C, hydrating saline solution, or other medications that assist with vomiting and headaches.

A hangover is caused by dehydration. Therefore, curry foods are effective solutions for hangovers because they help prevent loss of water in the body. If drinking water and eating these foods do not alleviate symptoms, consider the solution from Hangover Hospital. Book an appointment today.