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Cool Hangover Cure Myths and How to Really Treat a Hangover

By July 12, 2019Hangover Facts

Waking up with a headache, nausea, queasy stomach, food aversion, thirst, and an overall feeling of discomfort is a sign of a hangover, particularly after drinking too much alcohol. A hangover can be disturbing if you do not know how to cure it. The myths surrounding it make it even harder for you to cure it. Read on to know more about hangover cure myths and methods through which you can have it treated.

Hangover Myths

  • cool hangover cure myths and how to really treat a hangover | hangover hospitalDrinking more alcohol- some believe that if you drink more of what caused the hangover you will feel better. This, however, is not the case since doing so delays the recovery process. While drinking more alcohol can reduce hangovers by making you slightly high again, it’s not recommendable. Such a remedy can easily lead to addiction.
  • Eating bread – this myth postulates that if you take bread before drinking, it will soak the alcohol, thus preventing you from getting a hangover. This myth certainly doesn’t make sense because once the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream it thus cannot be present in the stomach by the time you are nursing hangovers the following morning.
  • Drinking strong coffee– the caffeine may make you feel better but it does not end the hangover as fast as drinking plain water. Others believe that strong tea can make you feel better. There aren’t any scientific proofs for this and hence it just remains a myth. In fact, tea may add to hangovers since it adds more solutes in the body at a time when the body needs more water.

How to Treat a Hangover

cool hangover cure myths and how to really treat a hangover | hangover hospital1. Drink a lot of Water

Drinking water helps you flash out the alcohol through urine. Water also keeps you hydrated which is vital in reducing a headache. Being properly hydrated also reduces the dizziness and general feeling of weakness that comes with hangovers.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Instead of curing a hangover by eating greasy foods, opt for healthy foods and fruits. Lots of fruits can go a long way to reducing the effects of hangovers. Watermelons are highly succulent and can drastically level down your hangovers.

3. The most recommended cure is the use of IV drips.

The drip has a saline bag that is infused with electrolytes to aid in re-hydration. In addition, it has B-complex and B-12 injections that play a vital role in boosting your immune system and replacing lost energy. The drip should be administered by a professional medic like the ones at Hangover Hospital to ensure that it is properly done. The formulations of the drip may differ at the discretion of the medic.

Want a Real Hangover Cure? Call Us Today!

cool hangover cure myths and how to really treat a hangover | hangover hospitalLike most hangover cures, these take time. If you can’t wait for your hangover to be over, contact Hangover Hospital today. Our hangover cure takes just minutes to start working, and we can be at your door in a matter of minutes. Call us now at (305) 912-4911 to book your appointment.