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Cure for Hangover Dizziness

By August 12, 2020Uncategorized
Cure for Hangover Dizziness

Drinking too much alcohol causes unwanted consequences the day after the indulgence. The symptoms that come with a heavy drinking night include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and appetite loss. These are hangover signs, and they can limit the effectiveness of an individual from performing daily tasks either at work or at home. If you are looking for an effective cure for hangover symptoms, you can find an effective solution at Hangover Hospital in Key West Florida. At the facility, we have excellent treatment options for people suffering from hangover symptoms, and the procedure takes less than 45 minutes. You will be able to walk in, get a cure for your hangover, and get back to your daily routine.

What are the treatment options for hangover dizziness?

Cure for Hangover Dizziness | Hangover Hospital Key WestDizziness is a common occurrence after heavy drinking due to the dehydration effects of alcohol in your body. Dehydration results in a drop in the blood pressure in the body, limiting the flow of blood to the brain, therefore, causing dizziness. When you wake the morning after feeling dizzy, you will need an immediate treatment solution that guarantees you fast relief.

At hangover hospital, we provide a Cure for Hangover Dizziness that takes considerably less time than sleeping off the hangover symptom. When you have dizziness due to a hangover, you can come to the facility and get a consultation with the doctors who will recommend the best option for your case.

The treatment options available to you at the center include:

  • The Stat Package: This treatment option is for mild overindulgence, and it is an excellent solution for people suffering from dizziness, headaches, and nausea after a night out. The medication administered includes electrolytes, 1000ml rehydration, anti-headache, and anti-nausea medication. If you took a few bottles of beer and feel a bit light-headed, this package will be suitable for you, and you will be able to get instant relief from your symptoms.
  • Code Blue Package: This package is for moderate to severe overindulgence, and the patient is experiencing debilitating hangover symptoms. The package offers fast relief for hangover dizziness and other symptoms that come with heavy drinking. The treatment includes electrolytes, 1000ml rehydration, anti-headache and anti-nausea medication, IV Vitamin cocktail, anti-inflammatory IV medications, and dexpanthenol (an antioxidant).
  • Lazarus Package: As the name suggests, this treatment option is for people who had too much to drink that it could be seen they are being raised from the dead. This is a viable option for people who spent an entire night drowning in bottles of alcohol. The treatment process involves administering electrolytes, stomach medicine/ IV antacid, 1000ml rehydration, anti-nausea and anti-headache medication, IV Vitamin cocktail, and super B vitamin complex, antioxidant, glutathione, and 30-minute oxygen therapy.

Let us help you treat your hangover symptoms.

Cure for Hangover Dizziness | Hangover Hospital Key WestThe treatment options available at the clinic will be useful in helping you reduce the unwanted effects after a night of drinking. The doctors at the center have broad experience in treating hangover symptoms in people living in Florida.

If you have woken up and feeling dizziness, you can call our offices and book an appointment. You can also book an appointment through email. The staff at the facility are always ready and prepared to offer the best services to all patients.

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