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How to Cure a Hangover Stomach Ache

By August 21, 2019Uncategorized
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Waking up with a stomach ache is a telltale sign that you have a hangover. These stomach aches can include cramping, nausea, vomiting, and more. When they come, you’ll do just about anything to get rid of them. So, what can help cure a hangover stomach ache? There are many different theories, but at Hangover Hospital, we know that some cures have proven to be more effective than others. It’s always important to remember when trying these common cures below that although they’ve helped cure many hangovers, they also may not work for everyone. 

  • Greasy Foods

How to Cure a Hangover Stomach Ache | Hangover HospitalHave you ever craved greasy foods while you were drinking, or even hungover? It could be a biological response. It’s thought that grease coats the intestines, so alcohol isn’t absorbed as easily and if you have any left in your stomach, it will prevent your stomach ache from getting worse. If you don’t want to eat, or you want to use grease as a preventative method, have a tablespoon of olive oil before you head out. 

  • Rehydrate

How to Cure a Hangover Stomach Ache | Hangover HospitalA lot of nausea and stomach aches come from a lack of electrolytes. These essential minerals become depleted after heavy drinking and you need to restore them. You also lose a lot of water, whether it’s from sweating or vomiting. To combat these problems, rehydrating is a great hangover cure for a stomach ache. Drink lots of water, which will help replenish lost moisture. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, will also restore your electrolytes, which will also help with tummy troubles. 


  • Ginger

Ginger is a known cure for stomach aches, and it works when you’re suffering from a hangover, too. The NationalInstitutes of Health has shown that eating ginger before drinking can help reduce nausea and vomiting. There are a number of ways you can consume it, too. Ginger Ale is a great way to calm a stomach, but you should allow it to sit out and drink it while it’s flat. The carbonation can actually irritate your stomach further. You can also grate fresh ginger into a cup of boiling water and drink it once it’s cooled slightly. Nibbling on crystallized ginger while drinking, or before consuming alcohol, can also help prevent a stomach ache. 

  • Go to Sleep

How to Cure a Hangover Stomach Ache | Hangover HospitalIt’s true that a lack of sleep doesn’t cause a hangover or a stomach ache, but it can make these symptoms worse. Getting adequate sleep after a bout of drinking can greatly help with a stomach ache. If nothing else, you can sleep through the worst of the symptoms and wake up feeling much better. 


Wake Up with a Hangover? Get the Hangover Cure You Need Now

If you’ve woken up with a stomach ache, or any other symptoms of a hangover, you may find that many of the above remedies help. However, some of them take time and if your stomach hurts, you may not be able to use some of these cures, particularly if you can’t keep anything down. When that is the case and you need to feel better now, contact Hangover Hospital for our IV’s in the Keys hangover relief. We can be at your door in minutes and give you the treatment you need to get you feeling like yourself again. Call us today at (305) 912-4911 to book your appointment.