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Day Drinking Hangover Cure

By March 5, 2021Uncategorized
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Day drinking is easy and fun. But what is not fun and enjoyable is when 6 pm rolls around, and your pleasant drinking feeling makes a turn for the groggy hangover and a dull headache to match. That’s it; you have been defeated. It’s game over, go home, pass out on your couch and get up at midnight with disgust because you missed your favorite TV episode. However, there is a better approach to day-drinking that aids in averting the likelihood of experiencing a hangover.

If day drinking has left you with an unpleasant hangover, the Hangover Hospital Key West, Florida, has an effective remedy for you. Our 45-minute IV hangover relief will get rid of your hangover symptoms and get you back on your feet. Here we look at day drinking hangover cure.

Take a glass of water in between drinks.

Anyone can tell you his because it is true. Having a glass of water in between drinks, especially in the hot daytime summer sun, is a useful trick of preventing a hangover.  A hangover is majorly caused by dehydration. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it causes the body to get rid of water by urinating; hence can dehydrate you quickly. For day drinking, taking a large glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks will help prevent dehydration and help you detox as well.

Avoid drinks with congeners.

Congeners refer to toxic chemical by-products formed in small amounts resulting from the fermentation process of alcohol manufacture. Different alcoholic beverages have varying amounts. Studies reveal that taking drinks with a high amount of congeners could elevate the severity and frequency of hangover and slow the alcohol metabolism causing prolonged symptoms.  Drinks that are low in congeners are mostly the clear drinks such as;

  •       Vodka
  •       Gin
  •       Rum
  •       Tequila

Any dark drinks that are artificially colored contain more congeners, giving you a worse hangover later in the day.

Eating makes all the difference.

Going out for a day drinking on an empty stomach will get you drunk sooner and even make poor food choices later on. To reduce your chances of getting a hangover, you should start eating something healthy before heading out. As the day goes on, continue eating nutritious snacks such as a veggie burger, fruit salad, and vegan potato.

Take a power nap

Sometimes, the best option is taking a breather nap which goes a long way in helping to prevent a lot more and must –sleep now later on. If you have had a pretty drink, go and get a quick nap. There is no shame in listening to your body. You might not wake up fresh but will have slowed your roll enough to rejoin the others.

Get some time in the shade.

Although sun exposure does not directly affect your body’s ability to process alcohol, it might make you dehydrated. This will make you get a hangover. Alcohol can also affect your body’s ability to control the heat that might result in heatstroke.

Final Thoughts

Following these day drinking hangover cure tips will help to decrease your hangover symptoms. However, if things get out of hand and you find yourself with a day drinking hangover, you can schedule an appointment with the Hangover Hospital for a quick and effective cure. Call us today!