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When most people think of a drunk person, they typically envision someone that is having fun, perhaps telling everyone how much they love them, and generally having a good time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only effect intoxication can bring. Although rarer, sometimes people become mean and angry when they are drunk. According to a study, this is due to the fact that alcohol affects the prefrontal cortex area of the brain, which makes a person more aggressive.  

At Hangover Hospital, we know how difficult it is to be around a mean drunk. So, we have collected some tips on how to deal with them, and possibly get yourself out of a bad situation. 

  • Understand the Situation 

How to deal with a mean drunk | hangover hospitalIf you’re around a mean drunk, particularly if it happens often, it’s a good idea to speak to the person once they have sobered up. To do this though, you must understand the situation. Try to determine why the person acted that way, and what made them angry. This can help when you try to have a conversation with them later. 

  • Document the Behavior

Often when a person has become a mean drunk and is later confronted about it, they deny it. They may even dismiss claims of their behavior, saying it wasn’t really that bad. Taking a video of their behavior or pictures with your phone can help you present proof of their behavior and support your argument. This can help lead to an honest conversation about how to prevent the behavior in the future. 

  • Don’t Take it Personally

how to deal with a mean drunk | hangover hospitalWhen a person becomes aggressive, rude, or simply mean when drunk, they often say things they wouldn’t if they were sober. Often, they’ll make disparaging comments to loved ones, or belittle them. It’s important to remember it is not really that person talking, it’s the alcohol. Keeping this in mind can help you remain calm and make the situation easier. 

  • Do Not Provide More Alcohol

how to deal with a mean drunk | hangover hospitalIt makes sense that when drinking has made a person aggressive or mean, you shouldn’t give them any more alcohol. However, this is easier said than done. When a person acts aggressively after drinking, they often want more alcohol and could even become violent if they don’t get it. It’s important to remember more alcohol will only make the situation worse. Do not give an angry drunk more alcohol, as it will only take them longer to sober up and return to their normal behavior.

  • Offer to Get Them Help

It’s true that the first step in recovery for a person is admitting they have a problem. This is easier if they know the people around them love them and will support them no matter what. There are many rehabilitation centers in Key West that can help those that become drunk often conquer their problem, so those around them don’t have to deal with a mean drunk anymore. 

Need More Help? Contact the Hangover Hospital in Key West

how to deal with a mean drunk | hangover hospitalIt’s clear that when you’re regularly dealing with a mean drunk, you’ll need to have a conversation with them. This is much easier to do when they are sober, and not hungover. At Hangover Hospital, we can provide help for that hangover so you can get the relief you need, and the help they need, quicker. Call us today at (305) 912-4911 and one of our technicians can be at your home in under an hour.