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Does Ibuprofen Help with Hangovers?

By December 9, 2020Uncategorized
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Over the years, more and more hangover remedies have been created, discovered, and sold. With the hype surrounding OTC drugs as a possible hangover cure, it is only natural to ask the question on everyone’s minds. Does Ibuprofen help with hangovers?

There are people and studies that show Ibuprofen can improve some symptoms of a hangover. But like with every hangover remedy, it is crucial to investigate the validity of this claim, which is what this article does.

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What Is Ibuprofen?

Supplements to Prevent HangoverIbuprofen, like Aspirin and naproxen, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is typically used to relieve muscle aches and headaches but is often taken to alleviate hangover-related symptoms. In a clinical study, an NSAID was found to lower hangover symptoms more effectively in volunteers who consumed alcohol than did a placebo.

There is some evidence that Ibuprofen can relieve hangover symptoms. Some studies even claim that it can help counteract the pro-inflammatory effects of alcohol. That said, nonetheless, NSAIDs could potentially exacerbate negative symptoms in some individuals, which include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Gastritis

Possible Side Effects

Sleeping Pill Hangover CureWhile Ibuprofen may improve hangover symptoms like muscle pain and headaches, it is advisable to avoid it when experiencing nausea or abdominal pain. This is because it is a gastric irritant and could exacerbate your hangover-related gastrointestinal problems.

Chronic Ibuprofen use has also been linked to ulcers, stomach perforations, gastrointestinal bleeding, and kidney dysfunction in people with poor kidney function.

According to health experts, taking Ibuprofen together with alcohol could increase your risk of these problems.

Ibuprofen vs. Paracetamol

One of the most heated debates when it comes to OTC hangover-relief is Ibuprofen versus paracetamol. While many people swear by the latter, there is more proof that NSAIDs like Ibuprofen are the better hangover relief. This is because alcohol consumption makes it difficult for your liver to break down a painkiller like paracetamol, which could expose you to liver damage.


What Is Alcoholism & How Does It Happen? - Hangover Hospital Key West | Hangover Hospital Key WestThere are studies that show some success when Ibuprofen is used as a hangover cure. Many people report an improvement with headaches and muscle inflammation when they take the medicine in the morning.

That said, most doctors advise that Ibuprofen be avoided or taken in moderation to prevent the risk to your gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

It is essential to stick to the proposed dosage when using Ibuprofen for hangover symptoms. When taken in large doses or for long periods, Ibuprofen can be harmful. It is also advisable to avoid combining the NSAID with alcohol as this could induce a drug-drug interaction.

Get Hangover Relief in Key West

Does ibuprofen help with hangovers? The best answer to this question is yes and no. While Ibuprofen can alleviate headaches and muscle inflammation, it could exacerbate other symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, and stomach upset. This means that you should practice caution when using it for hangover relief.

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