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Does More Alcohol Cure A Hangover?

By March 5, 2021Uncategorized
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You might have heard about the ‘hair of the dog’ means of curing hangovers. It comprises drinking more alcohol when you experience a hangover to relieve the symptoms. But you might be asking yourself, does more alcohol cure a hangover, or are you only prolonging the unavoidable and will end up with an even more severe hangover.

         In this section, we will be shedding more light on whether the ‘hair of the dog’ method has some merit in curing hangovers. For more help on how to deal with hangovers, reach out to Hangover Hospital Key West, Florida. Their 45-minute IV hangover relief will ensure that your terrible symptoms are effectively eliminated so that you get back on your feet.

What Is ‘Hair Of The Dog’?

         Shortened from the phrase ‘hair of the dog that bit you,’ the ‘hair of the dog’ method brings out the traditional concept that sometimes an ailment’s cause can also be its cure. In case you suffer a hangover, this method urges you to drink more alcohol to relieve unwanted symptoms like dehydration, fatigue, upset stomach, and headache.

Does It Work?

The ‘hair of the dog’ method is relatively a prevalent practice, with about 11% of social drinkers saying they have consumed it to relieve hangover symptoms. Even though it hasn’t been comprehensively studied, several theories claim to support this idea. These include:

  •   Raises The Blood-Alcohol Level

A hangover occurs as the body metabolizes alcohol. The symptoms are experienced once the blood-alcohol levels fall to zero. Once you drink more alcohol the following morning, your blood-alcohol levels rise, and you’ll no longer experience any hangover symptoms. Nevertheless, when you eventually halt consuming more alcohol, these levels return to zero; thus, the hangover returns. In some way, this theory can extend the time until you experience the hangover but won’t prevent it altogether.

  •   Enhances Endorphins

It’s believed that consuming more alcohol enhances endorphins, which might help cover the debilitating hangover symptoms. Some research illustrates that alcohol temporarily raises the endorphin levels, resulting in hangover symptoms. But, the following morning, the endorphin levels fall. Although an endorphin boost from alcohol consumption can non-permanently avoid the hangover symptoms, they may resume once you stop drinking.

  •   Slows Production Of Hangover-Inducing Compounds

During fermentation of liquor, it retains small amounts of chemicals (congeners, i.e., methanol). It’s claimed that these congeners are a factor in the severity of hangovers. Your body can break down the methanol into chemicals known as formaldehyde and formic acid, often associated with heightened hangover severity.

However, because methanol and alcohol are metabolized by a similar body mechanism, consuming more alcohol allows methanol to be excreted instead of being broken down into these chemicals. So, even though your hangover may be delayed, it won’t prevent it entirely.

Final Thoughts

The ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cure simply involves taking more alcohol to find relief for your symptoms. Typically, it might provide you with temporary relief, as the symptoms are likely to come once you stop drinking.

Besides, this method raises your risk of alcoholism, hence not recommended. To find out other helpful methods for relieving or preventing a hangover, schedule an appointment at Hangover Hospital through mobile (305-912-4911) or book online.