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Does Vodka Give You A Hangover?

By July 27, 2021Drinking Facts
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If you regularly drink alcohol, you are most probably familiar with the hangover feeling. I have experienced a million hangovers, and they all begin with a night of heavy drinking. But does vodka give you a hangover? The answer is yes, but your hangover will be less severe because it has fewer congeners than whisky, beer, or bourbon. This means that a hangover from vodka will not be as strong as spirits.

If your night of drinking has left you with a terrible hangover in the morning, the Hangover Hospital Key West, Florida, has an effective treatment for you. Our 45-minute IV hangover treatment will effectively remove the awful symptoms and get you back to your normal activities.

Why Do You Get The Least Hangover With Vodka?

The primary cause of a hangover is ethanol contained in the alcohol drinks you take. Ethanol is a toxic chemical that has diuretic properties that makes you urinate frequently and therefore get dehydrated. Dehydration is one thing that contributes to the symptoms of your hangover.

Ethanol results from the fermentation process, but the process produces toxic byproducts known as congeners that tend to make a hangover worse. Congener concentration is often based on the color and richness of the drink. 

This means the darker the drink; the much worse the hangover will make you feel. This is why vodka is clear and has the slightest hangover causing toxins in them, particularly congeners compared to other colored liquors such as whisky and scotch.

Other Factors That Can Worsen Your Vodka Hangover

As we have seen, the type and color of drink you take significantly influence how awful your hangover will be. However, there are lots of other things that may worsen your hangover, even when drinking vodka. These include:

  • If you don’t get sufficient sleep — when the body is tired, it can’t break down toxins as efficiently as when you have had a good night’s sleep.
  • Continue drinking — when you wake up with a morning hangover, drinking more will only increase the hangover.
  • Drinking on a sugar rush — if you take shots with sugar in it, such as Amaretto or Dropshot, you will have a more substantial hangover. This utilizes all the B-vitamins, and the body cannot restock them.
  • Drinking on an empty stomach — if your alcohol can circulate through your body without any hindrances, the hangover will be worse. Therefore, sipping vodka on a full stomach will make the hangover less severe. However, you should avoid eating multivitamins as they might make your hangover worse.
  • Dehydration — As stated earlier, dehydration contributes to various hangover symptoms. So, you should ensure to drink plenty of water as you take your vodka to keep your body hydrated. 

Final Thoughts

Vodka is clear and has the least toxins making it have the least hangover. However, drinking anything dark such as dark beers, dark rum, wine, or dark beers, will escalate your risk of having a massive hangover. If you wake up with a terrible hangover, you should contact Hangover Hospital for expert care. The doctors provide an IV hangover solution that will eliminate your symptoms in no time.  

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