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What Drunk Foods Are Most Popular?

By June 3, 2019Drinking Facts

After a night of drinking, most people gravitate towards food. Grabbing delicious, satisfying, and unhealthy foods when you’re intoxicated is common, and there are several ‘drunk foods’ that people prefer. Grabbing some drunk food is the perfect way to end a fun night out, and soak up all that alcohol in your system so your hangover isn’t quite so bad the next morning. Keep reading for the ultimate list of drunk foods.


It’s probably no surprise that pizza is the first drunk food we need to mention. Pizza has all the features of a perfect drunk food: meat, bread, and cheese. It’s warm, you can add dips, and you can add variety by choosing different types of slices so all of your cravings are satisfied. We are especially jealous of the drunk population in Chicago because a Chicago deep dish takes drunk food and makes it even better.

Burgers and Fries

The next item on our list is burgers and fries. Possibly the most convenient drunk food option, you have endless fast food chains that are open 24/7 to choose from. Whether you are a fan of McDonald’s, Wendys, or your local burger joint, nothing can quite beat the burger and fries combo when you’re drunk.

Hot Dogs

The handheld drunk foods continue with hot dogs making third on our list. Hot dogs are an essential piece of American cuisine. Most likely, you have been having hot dogs since you were a child. A hot dog (or a few) can be the perfect snack while you are trying to find a cab home. We highly recommend (if the option is available at the hot dog cart) that you choose the chili hot dog. Chili hot dogs are taking an already blissful drunk food and adding more meat! No complaints here.

Tacos / Burritos

For those who like a like to add a little spice to the end of their night, we recommend tacos. Or, burritos for something a little denser. Tacos and burritos are not only delicious but also a slightly healthier option than the other drunk foods mentioned on our list. And, if you’re getting tacos or burritos, you might suggest to your friends to split a platter of nachos as well. Why not?

Breakfast Foods

There’s a reason so many breakfast chains have late night and early morning hours. Some people crave breakfast food for dinner, and some people crave breakfast food when they’re drunk. And we can certainly understand why. You have everything you could possibly want or need, all in one place. Have a sweet tooth? Choose from pancakes, waffles, or french toast. Or, for those craving something savory, there’s bacon, ham, toast, hashbrowns, eggs, and more. Can’t decide between sweet or savory? Pour some syrup over that bacon and then there’s no need to decide at all.

International Drunk Foods:

For those who can find access to these options, we recommend venturing into international tastes for your next drunk food excursion. Poutine, from Quebec, is a dish of fries served with cheese curds and gravy. Many restaurants will add some protein options to the dish as well. It’s like cheese fries but with all the extra toppings!

Additionally, for some cultural flair, we recommend trying out:

  • Gyros (Greek)
  • Shwarmas (Middle Eastern/Lebanese)
  • Donairs (Turkish)

Which are all different variations of the same concept: a bread-wrapped meat dishes. These wraps are full of delicious toppings, sauces, and sometimes cheese. A perfect combination for your drunk stomach.

Lastly, we would be mistaken if we didn’t mention Cuban sandwiches. While not all regions commonly have authentic Cuban sandwiches, if you do, count yourself lucky. A grilled variation of a meat-and-cheese sandwich, the Cuban sandwich is warm, toasted, and can bring happiness to any intoxicated partier.

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