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Effective Hangover Cures

By April 12, 2021Folk Hangover Cure
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Anyone who has had a fun night out or a long night of drinking is familiar with the brutal punishment that comes after. Hangovers can be cruel, and anyone can tell you that time is the most effective treatment for hangovers. However, some treatments can relieve symptoms more quickly than others. 

If your hangover symptoms persist, visit Hangover Hospital Key West in Florida for hangover relief in just 45 minutes.

Hangover Products

  1.     Flyby

Flyby is used before and after a night out. Manufactured in the United States, Flyby is a science-backed, wellness aid with vitamins, ginseng, and other ingredients that prevent and eliminate hangover symptoms. Flyby is from a reputable company, is less expensive than similar products, and includes magnesium to benefit your body over time.

  1.     Liquid IV 

Liquid IV is a powder that can be divided into portions and dipped into a water bottle for drinking. The product hydrates your body while adding nutrients — including potassium, sodium, and glucose as well as vitamins C and B  — that help keep your body going after waking up with hangover symptoms from the night before. You should take this solution immediately after drinking and before going to sleep to prevent you from waking up with hangover symptoms.

  1.     Morning Recovery 

Morning Recovery is a drink that has been on the market for several years. Manufacturers recommend that you take the solution before and immediately after a night of drinking, requiring two bottles per night. People prefer Morning Recovery because of its lemon and ginger flavors, sugar-free options, and natural ingredients.

  1.     Cheers

Cheers has also been in the market for several years. A dose of Cheers contains supplements meant to boost antioxidant levels in the body. Ginger is also included in its formula to significantly relieve hangover symptoms. You do not have to take this dose before your night out. It can be challenging to find this product.

  1.     AfterDrink

AfterDrink contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs that increase antioxidant levels and liver metabolism. Overall, the completely natural product has 23 ingredients and is suitable for people on vegan diets and those who cannot digest artificial additives. AfterDrink relieves nausea and other hangover symptoms, but it can also be difficult to find online and in stores.

Contact Hangover Hospital Key West

These products are effective in managing hangover symptoms in the morning after an alcohol-heavy night. However, they do not guarantee complete relief from hangover symptoms, and it may not be easy to access them. 

Hangover Hospital Key West in Florida eliminates a hangover’s effects within 45 minutes using an IV relief treatment. Hangover Hospital Key West offers several packages depending on the severity of your symptoms, including:

  •       Stat package
  •       Bode blue package
  •       Lazarus package

Contact Hangover Hospital Key West online or by phone at 305-912-4911 to schedule an appointment.

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