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Emergen-C Hangover Cure

Emergen-C Hangover Cure

If you can’t sit through a hangover, you are not alone. Most people find the symptoms debilitating enough to disrupt their regular schedule. As such, virtually everyone is on the hunt for the most effective hangover remedy.  The solutions are as many as there are brands of alcohol.

The best approach to alleviating a hangover is equipping your body with what it needs to fight. That said, let’s look at the Emergen-C hangover cure and how it can help you get rid of that headache.

What Is Emergen-C?Emergen-C Hangover Cure

Some people refer to Emergen-C as the panacea of hangovers. It is a vitamin supplement in the form of a powdered effervescent drink and is manufactured by Alacer Corp.

The formula contains vitamin C, B12, and B6. The concentration of these ingredients is 16, 4, and 5 times that of the USDA Reference Daily Intake, respectively.

It also contains some essential minerals in relatively small doses.

How Does Emergen-C Cure a Hangover?

Emergen-C Hangover CureAlthough the causes of a hangover are complex, generally accepted factors, include:

  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced sleep quality

Like any other hangover cure, Emergen-C works by trying to mitigate these effects. The vitamin C in Emergen-C acts as a powerful antioxidant while the B vitamins aid in alcohol metabolism.

Alcohol alerts your body to block the ADH hormone. This, in turn, makes your kidneys flush out water leading to dehydration. Vitamin C can help induce rapid rehydration. Also, because you take the Emergen-C hangover cure with plenty of water, your body can regain what your kidneys have lost.

Vitamin C can also help neutralize the toxic byproducts produced when your body metabolizes alcohol. The B vitamins, on the other hand, can reduce the severity and duration of symptoms.

Emergen-C Hangover CureWhat Is the Best Emergen-C Product for a Hangover?

There are several Emergen-C options available in the market today. Each one is formulated to perform a specific purpose. According to enthusiasts, the best Emergen-C hangover cure is the package with added turmeric and ginger. This is because ginger helps fight nausea, while turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is wise to steer clear of the energy plus range as they contain caffeine. Taking this before going to bed could affect your sleep quality or worsen your symptoms in the morning.

Nonetheless, your choice should be based on your personal preferences.

Emergen-C Hangover CureBest Time to Take Emergen-C

Preventing a hangover before it starts is the best form of defense. It gives your body the best chance of fighting and recovering. Consequently, the best time to take Emergen-C is straight after you finish drinking alcohol. You can also take it while you’re drinking to help your body rehydrate.

You should chug down a bottle before you go to bed. You should be feeling fine when you wake up.

Side Effects

Emergen-C hangover cure is generally safe. Although it contains vitamins in relatively high doses, all of them are water-soluble. As such, your kidneys can flush out any excess from your body.

Emergen-C Hangover CureHangover Relief

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