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Fast Hangover Cure Tips

By August 9, 2021Folk Hangover Cure
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A night of drinking is plenty of fun and laughs till the next day comes around and leaves you feeling like someone kicked you in the head. A hangover is one of the worst consequences of excessive drinking and can sometimes be so bad that you need to visit a Hangover Hospital Key West

The headache, fatigue, thirst, sensitivity to light & sound, and nausea are common hangover symptoms. They make you feel like never drinking again. The good news is that there are fast hangover cure tips that can make you feel better in no time, including: 

  • Eat a Heavy Breakfast

An age-old cure for a hangover is to eat a hearty breakfast the morning you have a hangover. Not only will you be hungry, but a good breakfast will help restore your blood sugar levels. 

A hangover is typically associated with low blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels will contribute to some hangover symptoms, so restoring normal blood sugar levels will alleviate the symptoms. 

Excessive alcohol consumption will deplete some of the vital minerals and vitamins in your bloodstream. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast will help restore these elements and make you feel great swiftly. 

  • Hydrate

Another fast hangover cure tip is to drink plenty of water. Alcohol leads to dehydration in the body in several ways. 

One of them is increasing urine production, which leads to the loss of crucial fluids and electrolytes necessary for normal body functions. Moreover, excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to vomiting, which further depletes your fluids and electrolytes. 

Dehydration will contribute to many of the symptoms of a hangover, including dizziness, thirst, and headaches. Even when you don’t feel like it when you have a hangover, drinking water will help cure it fast. 

  • Take Ginger

Herbs and spices have an interesting effect on the body, and none is more intriguing than ginger. If you have a hangover, taking ginger could help reduce the nausea you feel as a result. 

You often feel your stomach is upset when you have a hangover. Ginger has been proven to aid in curing an upset stomach and will alleviate this symptom of a hangover. 

Ginger contains chemical compounds that will reduce stomach pain and improve digestion. It will also help relieve vomiting and fatigue, which are other symptoms of a hangover. Brewing some ginger tea or including it in a smoothie is the best way to take ginger for a fast hangover cure. 

  • Sleep and Rest

The simplest and one of the best ways to cure a hangover is to get more sleep and rest. A night of excessive alcohol consumption involves plenty of energy; hence you need to restore the energy if you are to feel right again. 

The Sleep Foundation found that alcohol disrupts your circadian rhythm and reduces REM sleep. The lack of sleep will exacerbate the symptoms of the hangover. Therefore, you should eat a meal, hydrate, and simply go back to sleep to cure a hangover quickly, or contact Hangover Hospital Key West for quick relief to your hangover symptoms.

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