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How to Get Drunk Without Drinking

By May 19, 2019Drinking Facts

Drinking excessive alcohol leads to absorption of a high number of calories and damages the liver. In recent times, some people who consume alcohol excessively have tried to look for other ways of getting drunk without the calories, queasy hangovers and other side effects. However, these methods have been deemed to be more dangerous compared to drinking, and they can be very harmful to the body.

The following are some of the ways in which people become drunk without drinking:

1. Snorting

Some people have tried to get drunk more quickly by snorting alcohol. The act of snorting liquid alcohol likeget drunk without drinking high-proof vodka dates back a couple of years, but when powdered alcohol was introduced to the market, some alcohol consumers abused it via snorting. It is very dangerous to snort any sort of alcohol, as the alcohol is not broken down into smaller molecules; rather it’s sent directly via the blood to the brain. Moreover, snorting liquids can lead to drowning if the alcohol reaches the lungs.

2. Inhaling

Other than snorting, inhaling vaporized alcohol is very risky as the substance will enter the blood rapidly. Vaporizers used for inhaling marijuana or tobacco are usually used for evaporating the alcohol, or boiling over a stove. An invention from Europe known as Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) is exclusively made for inhaling alcohol vapor. The alveoli in the lungs absorb the vaporized chemicals, which go through the bloodstream and hit the brain drastically.

3. Beneath the tongue

Putting substances beneath the tongue (also known as sublingual absorption) is a popular way of taking medications. This is because mucous membranes underneath the tongue allow rapid absorption of drugs. Some alcohol abusers now use sublingual absorption. This method can lead to ulcers in the mouth.

4. Enemas

An alcohol enema also referred to as butt-chugging, leads to rapid absorption of alcohol via this body part. There have been people who’ve died with this method as the alcohol hits the brain super-fast, forcing the person to faint with the chemical still in the brain. Even when the person is passed out, the body still absorbs alcohol so the blood alcohol concentration rapidly raises leading to a fatality.

5. Injecting

Although some medical research experts inject intravenous ethanol on test subjects, this is only done so that they can be able to control the actual level of alcohol in the blood. Factors like how fast alcohol passes to the brain and impacts other parts of the body are controlled with care in a research lab. On the other hand, injecting alcohol into the bloodstream just to become drunk is really risky and similar to other rapid absorption methods; it can lead to sudden death.


6. Eating

Some people also get drunk by eating alcoholic gummy bears, popsicles, Jell-O shots, and fermented food/beverages such as kombucha. These are somewhat safer because they travel through the digestive system; therefore the blood alcohol concentration does not go up suddenly. However, too much consumption of such items can be risky, particularly alcoholic gummy bears or Jell-O shots.

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