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What Gets You Drunk Fast

By July 5, 2019Uncategorized

If you have been drinking alcohol for any amount of years, you have probably had one of those days when you want to get drunk fast at a night out. There are a number of ways to get drunk faster, but it is important to practice caution. Getting drunk too early can easily cause you to consume too much alcohol, which is injurious to health. You should take a break if you find yourself feeling excessively drunk to protect your health.

The following can get you drunk fast:

1. Drinks With A Higher Alcohol Content

Different hard drinks contain different levels of alcohol. Consuming drinks with higher alcohol content can get you drunk faster. The alcohol content is usually written on the side of the bottle. Beers with higher alcohol content normally contain about 15 to 18% alcohol and they are made by smaller breweries. However, you should always remember your limit. Slow down when you start to feel dizzy or ill.

2. Pick Hard Liquors

Hard liquors can make you drunk much quicker than beer and wine, because of their higher alcohol content. Taking shots can be especially useful since your body will be taking in high alcohol products quickly. But do so in moderation, because over drinking liquor can make you sick.

3. Mix Spirits with Diet Mixers

Mixing liquor with a diet mixer like diet soda can get you drunk more quickly. Regular sodas are normally recognized as food by the body, thus slowing down alcohol absorption. On the other hand, the body might not recognize diet sodas as food, thus allowing for quicker absorption of alcohol. Often times, people don’t realize they are getting drunk quicker when they mix spirits with a diet mixer.

4. Opt for Bubbly Drinks

If you want to get drunk faster, you can try a bubbly drink. Bubbly drinks include spritzers, champagne, sparkling wine, and drinks that contain tonic water.

5. Start Drinking While Relaxed

Too much stress can make intoxication slower. If you are engaged in a stressful activity while drinking or before you start to drink, this can affect your ability to become drunk. Try to relax before you go out for a drinking session. Do something that usually relaxes you like watching a favorite TV show, reading a book or doing deep breathing exercises. Drink with friends that lower your stress level and avoid those who tend to make you more stressed.

6. Eat Lightly Before You Drink

You shouldn’t consume alcohol on an empty stomach as this is very risky. However, if you want to get drunk fast, don’t eat a large meal before you go out to drink. Food tends to slow down alcohol absorption in the body. A few hours before you drink, have a light meal such as

  • A chicken salad,
  • A light sandwich,
  • Fish
  • A small pasta serving

All in all, do not take any alcohol on an empty stomach.

7. Drink in a Group

Key West Hangover Cure, Hangover Hospital, PartyDrinking with others is more likely to get you drunk faster. People usually finish their drinks faster when drinking in a big group.

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