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Getting Drunk in Estonia – What “maani täis” Means in Estonian

By February 11, 2019Uncategorized

Maani täis is one of the Estonian terms for “drunk”. The term itself is composed of two words both of which mean something along the lines of “full” or “full on”. It is one of those terms that can’t be translated literally into English and still make sense. Nonetheless, Estonians use this to describe their fellow countrymen and women who are completely and totally full of alcohol.

Estonian Alcohol Laws

Estonia is one of a number of European countries whose once-liberal drinking laws are now being reconsidered. As the amount of alcohol being consumed reaches greater proportions, more countries are imposing heftier regulations on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Why? Because with greater consumption comes greater social and medical woes. Today, we are drinking more alcohol more frequently and this is being felt in almost every first-world country in the world.

Estonia has now imposed regulations on when alcohol can be purchased and how it can be advertised. All of these aims hope to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed by young people.

In addition, Estonia takes driving under the influence quite seriously. A driver who is found to be driving over the legal limit can face:

  • Fines
  • Suspension of their license
  • Jail time

This includes bicycles! Those found severely inebriated can face up to three years of jail time.

Are Estonians Drunker Than the Rest of the World?

Is the same culture that uses two words meaning “full” to describe a drunk person consuming more alcohol per capita than other countries? According to statistics, the answer is yes. But these statistics measure alcohol consumption in terms of sales and many of the people who are consuming the most alcohol just happen to be tourists.

However, tourism alone doesn’t explain why Estonians rated the highest consumer of alcohol of any of the 34 states in OECD, which includes places like the U.S. and Australia where a large quantity of unfettered drunkenness occurs. Both Estonia and Russia saw their alcohol consumption increase 60% from 1992 to 2012. This also coincides with the period of decollectivization that occurred under Boris Yeltsin. However, it’s worth noting that China saw the quantity of alcohol consumed rise when the Communist Party took over in 1949. This begs the question: Who is drunker, capitalists or communists? It’s hard to say. China too has seen a rapid increase in alcoholism since their economy began booming in the late 90s and, as it stands, nearly all countries have seen increased alcohol consumption over the past two decades regardless of economic structure.

Either way, 21.4% of all casualties in Estonia are the direct result of alcohol.

Estonian Liquor is World-Renowned

Vodka | Hangover HospitalOne of the reasons why Europeans (and others) flock to Estonia to drink is that Estonia has a rich history steeped in alcohol. Estonia is renowned the world over for producing some of the most impressive liquors. According to a tourist-centric advertisement page, Estonia was beloved for its alcohol products as far back as the Middle Ages. Estonia supplied the USSR with its fine liquors and continues to supply Russia and other former Soviet countries today. Those who are interested can take a tour of Estonia’s largest city Tallinn and taste some of their most notable concoctions.

Estonia’s best brand of vodka is Viru Valge. Estonians enjoy mixing it with fruit juices.

Despite providing the world with some of the best liquors, Estonia is now very much into craft beers. Dozens of microbreweries have popped up in Estonia just like they have everywhere else.

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