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Hangover Breakfasts

What to Eat Before Drinking?

Everybody has their own hangover cure: sipping a pint of water before sleeping to avoid the onset, taking a banana to replenish potassium levels, creating a fry-up to fulfill salt needs, or simply hobbling as quickly as your hungover feet will take you to the next Taco bell.

Nonetheless, these cures are frequently ineffective. Making a direct and sensible decision about what to take into your body following practically poisoning it for hours the previous night could be an especially tricky chore.

Hangover Hospital Key West recommends the following simply tasty breakfast options to take to prevent the troublesome hangover symptoms:

Banana Almond Smoothie

6 Best Foods to Prevent HangoverThis six-ingredient smoothie is simple to make and high in potassium, an electrolyte, which alcohol depletes in the blood.

Because excessive drinking is frequently accompanied by oversleeping, tossing several items in a blender is a viable approach to cut time off your morning ritual whilst simultaneously benefiting your body. The almond extract transforms the smoothie into a milkshake, satisfying your hungover sweet desire as an added benefit.

Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowls

Stocking up on protein is an excellent method to counteract the never-ending hunger, which frequently coexists with terrible hangovers.

This dish is really simple to make and provides for a great deal of experimenting. You can start with basic Greek yogurt and then top with homemade granola and fresh berries. It is also good with flavored yogurt and toppings like toasted coconut, dried fruit, chocolate nibs, and whole-grain cereal.

To avoid hangover-related damage, probably cut the cantaloupe ahead of time. Bleary post-party eyes and sharp kitchen equipment do not mix.

Coconut Quinoa Porridge With Dates And Ginger

This recipe necessitates a bit more effort; it requires 30 minutes to prepare from the start. However, it is an excellent hangover treatment on weekends or days where you can manage a more sluggish morning.

The quinoa adds a great twist to traditional oats, and the dates and ginger give the ideal balance of sweet and sour. If you have remaining quinoa in your fridge, you may make this by combining cooked quinoa with the remaining ingredients and heating it in the microwave.

Bowl Of Rice with an Avocado And Fried Egg

This recipe is very simple, particularly if you have some rice on hand, and it is incredibly delicious. Plus, for some reason, hangovers are more tolerable with a fried egg. With Sriracha sauce, avocado, plus some extra ingredients like vinegar and onions, you have got yourself a solution in a bowl.

Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

After a particularly arduous night, the sole thing you should stomach may be anything resembling baby food. Hangover Hospital got the adulterated, Paleo version for you.

Vodka Ingredients | Hangover Hospital Key WestAll you require is:

  • A roasted sweet potato (do this ahead of time since who desires to prepare a potato when they are experiencing a hungover?)
  • Berries
  • Banana
  • Protein powder
  • 5 minutes to spare

Top with a big dollop of cacao, hemp hearts, nut butter, and whatever else your heart desires, and watch your stomach (and mind) eventually begin to recover.

Final Thoughts

Everybody loves to party, and that is okay. The aforementioned hangover breakfast options can help you curb the effects of alcohol. But if you are suffering extreme hangover symptoms following a night-out, contact Hangover Hospital Key West. Their 45-minute IV hangover solution will eradicate all your symptoms, leaving you fresh and ready to go about your daily activities. 

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