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Hangover Cure Pill

By August 21, 2019Uncategorized
Activated Charcoal Hangover Cure

When many people hear of hangover cure pills, they often think they’re a scam. Maybe they’ve tried a certain brand before that didn’t work, or maybe they just think they sound too good to be true. While hangover pills are just like any other product, and some work better than others, there are many that can help with the symptoms of a hangover. Below the professionals at Hangover Hospital list some of the most common hangover cure pills, and how you should use them. 

  • Activated Charcoal Pills

Hangover Cure Pill | Hangover HospitalThe absorption power of charcoal is incredible, and it’s a very effective treatment for hangovers. The benefits of using charcoal for a hangover have been known ever since a 1981 study that studied the effects of alcohol and charcoal on dogs. The study concluded that the results, which showed charcoal to be very effective, could be carried over to humans. 

Activated charcoal pills are effective for just about anyone that has had too much to drink. In fact, activated charcoal is so effective, it’s still used in many emergency rooms when there is a poisoning case or medical personnel needs to soak up other toxins, such as in the case of an overdose. Today, there are many different brands and types of activated charcoal pills that can help cure a hangover. 

  • Blowfish

Hangover Cure Pill | Hangover HospitalBlowfish is a very popular hangover cure pill, although you don’t swallow it like a traditional pill. Instead, you drop a tablet into water and then drink it. Blowfish are intended for those that wake up with a hangover and don’t have time to sleep it off. It mainly helps with the headaches associated with a hangover but can reduce other symptoms, as well. It’s been said that Blowfish is similar to taking aspirin and drinking a cup of coffee after waking up with a hangover. The caffeine content in each tablet is equivalent to about half of one cup of coffee. 

  • Flyby

Hangover Cure Pill | Hangover HospitalThe flyby is unique in the way that is was first created to help Asian drinkers with the characteristic flush they sometimes get after drinking. This flush is due to lower enzymes in the body and Flyby can help restore those enzymes. In order for the pill to be most effective, it’s recommended to take three pills with water before drinking, and three more before you go to sleep. As an added bonus, in December of 2017, the company switched to a vegetarian formula, meaning everyone can benefit from this hangover cure pill. 

Need a Fast Hangover Cure? Call Us!

Although the products mentioned above are helpful hangover cure pills, they don’t always work right away. Additionally, many of them are preventative and so, if you don’t remember to take them, or don’t know you’ll need them, they won’t be of much help. At Hangover Hospital, however, our IV’s in the Keys have the hangover relief you need. Our cocktail of IV fluids, medication, and vitamins will leave you feeling better in just a few minutes, and one of our trained professionals will come right to your door to provide the treatment. If you’re suffering from a hangover, call us at (305) 912-4911 to book your appointment.