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Honey Hangover Cure in Key West

By August 12, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
Honey Hangover Cure

The harmful effects associated with overconsumption of alcohol are caused by dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes your body flush out more water than usual, explaining the frequent visits to the washrooms. To cure your hangover, you need to rehydrate to restore the normal functioning of body organs. At Hangover Hospital in Key West, Florida, we have top professionals that can give you essential information on the best ways to manage your hangover and return to your usual self.

The research surrounding hangovers is limited, and the primary cause of the problem is unclear. However, certain drinks and foods have been observed to offer relief from hangover symptoms. Honey is one of the foods that offer a cure for hangovers. A honey hangover cure presents an important remedy that can be used to treat the symptoms. The remedy can work due to the high fructose content that is present in honey, which is vital in breaking down harmful toxins brought by heavy alcohol consumption.

Honey Hangover CureReasons Why Honey Can Cure Hangovers

The pain that people feel after indulging in alcohol is due to the presence of acetaldehyde, a by-product of alcohol metabolism. The substance is toxic to the body and brings about stomach pains and nausea symptoms. The fructose in honey is important as it helps in the breakdown of alcohol. Honey will prevent the build-up of acetaldehyde and ensure that the by-products are harmless to your body.

After you ingest honey when suffering from a hangover, the acetaldehyde will be broken into acetic acid, which is later burned during the normal metabolism process. The end product is carbon dioxide, which is breathed out. In this way, the toxic by-product is removed from the body, and you will be able to shake off the hangover effects.

Serving the honey on toast will add sodium and potassium to your body, which was lost during the alcohol intake. These are vital nutrients, and after you replenish them, they will help you cope with the alcohol in your system.

The next time you wake up with an upset stomach after a night of heavy drinking, consider taking honey to help with your hangover. You will be able to fight the symptoms quickly, reducing the chances of spending the whole day trying to sleep off the symptoms.

Honey Hangover CureOther Foods That May Help With Hangovers

  • Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium, which is a crucial nutrient lost after having too much to drink. Eating bananas after a night of drinking will help you shake off the unwanted symptoms. You will also be getting an excellent magnesium source, which can calm your blood vessels and cure your headache.
  • Meat: After heavy drinking, your body may be unable to consume amino acids,Honey Hangover Cure leading to amino acid deficiency. Eating meat can be a good option since it is broken down into amino acids.
  • Eggs: These are excellent sources of protein and are also rich in cysteine. Cysteine is a type of amino acid that is important in glutathione production, which helps the body flush out toxins.

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Honey Hangover Cure

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